I thought for certain it to be going to be last surprise that obtained the remix this time, however I to be wrong. It to be I, in ~ THE MASK! mine favourite track out of the soundtrack! glad the team provided this one some love. Track ripped by Tapu (YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPh9bD1A-zAXd1OrIAsR7UQ).All legal rights go to their particular owners, and also if request by the rights holders, I will take this track down.

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Comment by sk_iko

"Down under down... Dow Dow dowwnnn"~

Comment by Izukudox

very nice.

Comment by Daemon Lynn

crazy how this version sounds choose it would be in the Persona 5 video game itself

Comment by scp-8585

They literally made it worse

Comment by music boi

joker is stupid favor the human being that use him

Comment through FlamedSin

for real!?

Comment by PhantomStarfury

i forgot this exist for way too long, it's for this reason good

Comment by Akunik

The original was good enough, I'm in love v the remix!

Comment through sans

Me as soon as joker acquired into smash

Comment by Jmonchez Show

Woa joker just knocked alll the the enemys

Comment by randsom

looking cool joker

Comment by Ujwal 77

he is joker

Comment by Mask

joker join the battle

Comment by Russian_koichi

how go persona 5 gain into fucking smash

Comment through Kirata

it sounds prefer I'm smashing my head into a desk

Comment through Dj Octavio

Octavio will rule this page

Comment by AmilkarGamer

lol impresent

Comment by Dj Octavio

Brownie you typical Covid 19/20

Comment by Dj Octavio

Illegal puff the it’s just some music and it’s easy to very own as i The one and also only DJ Octavio is in manage of my music and also if anyone tries to steal the they will certainly the feeling the octaion pain

Comment through jemid ⚠️


Comment by simply