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We’re huge fans of situations that have double layer construction. It might make castle a little more time-consuming to install and also remove, however having two different varieties of material can really assist improve the quality of autumn protection. This line of cases from Verus is composed of a soft, impact-absorbing jacket, i beg your pardon is paired v a difficult bumper. All cases in this line room black, through a popular music of color approximately the bumper. Color options include gold, silver, red, and also blue. If you’re trying to find a thin case that won’t add a lot of mass to your brand-new Nexus 5X, this attractive instance will fit the invoice nicely. The looks polished and also professional, and also costs much less than you’d intend for such a pretty design.

Price: $16.99 (72 percent turn off MSRP)

Buy the Verus High pro Shield LG Nexus 5X instance here.

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2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid clear AIR CUSHION Nexus 5X Case


Some world like your smartphone’s case to it is in a vibrant reflection of your personality. Others, however, like a situation that’s barely there, something that allows them present off the architecture of the phone call itself. If you like clear cases, this tough instance from Spigen have to be at the top of her list. There’s a 1.2mm raised lip to protect your screen, while button covers defend the all-important controls ~ above the exterior of her device.

Price: $14.99 (40 percent turn off MSRP)

Buy the Spigen Ultra Hybrid clear AIR CUSHION Nexus 5X case here.

3. TUDIA Slim-Fit MERGE twin Layer Protective case for Nexus 5X


This straightforward snap-on situation is a an excellent option because that those on a chop budget. This case is do from two various materials, to improve its durability. The within sleeve is make from TPU, which is an excellent for dispersing the shocks connected with minor drops and impacts. On peak of that, there’s a polycarbonate shield that feels an excellent in the hand, and is durable against scratches.

Not a pan of the mint green situation color pictured above? Other situation colors include rose, matte black, and slate grey.

Price: $12.90 (57 percent turn off MSRP)

Buy the TUDIA Slim-Fit MERGE double Layer Protective situation for Nexus 5X here.


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4. Cimo Premium Slim fit TPU Cover because that LG Google Nexus 5X


If your financial institution account is looking an especially low after the acquisition of a new smartphone, this bargain instance is a smart buy. It’s a slim, straightforward case the doesn’t include a lot of bulk to your phone. The prior edges defend the screen, if the TPU body absorbs shocks and also impacts. The situation has been treating to be anti-slip, so it’s easier to hold. This situation is available in four various colors, consisting of black, purple, blue, and smoke.

Price: $6.98 (77 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Cimo Premium Slim right TPU Cover because that LG Google Nexus 5X here.

5. Tauri LG Google Nexus 5X Wallet Case

Looking for a wallet case? This format offers storage an are for cash and three cards. The can additionally fold right into a was standing for watching videos or chatting v friends over Skype. This wallet situation is obtainable in black, blue, warm pink, and also purple. The front of the case protects her screen, and closes magnetically.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Tauri LG Google Nexus 5X Wallet situation here.

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PublishedSep 29, 2015 at 12:14pm
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