With pawn shops in the San Francisco Bay Area and also Northern California, Best Collateral is innovating the pawn shop suffer. We administer confidential, hassle-cost-free pawn loans via no crmodify inspect to consumers. As a result, we’ve provided thousands of households with the extra cash they require in financial emergencies. Our customers are able to acquire pawn loans on all sorts of family members items, consisting of gold, diamonds, high-end watches, electronic devices, musical instruments, devices and a lot more. If you’re looking to sell your item rather, we likewise buy your unwanted gold, jewelry and various other items of worth.

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So, whether you’re a consumer who “Expects More but desires to Pay Less,” or in require of a tiny extra cash, Best Collateral is below to provide you fantastic organization and an excellent suffer as your local pawnbroker!


We accept many different kinds of items of worth, consisting of jewelry, tools, musical instruments, luxury/designer handbags and apparel, high-end watches, TV’s, stereo tools DVD/Blu Ray players, laptop computers, Fender guitars, taballows, MP3 players, game units & games, bicycles, select sporting equipment…and also MUCH, MUCH MORE!


If you’re in search of excellent deals, you’ll love shopping at our pawn shops. We’ve redeveloped the pawnbroker suffer. Our customers love shopping at our pawn shops, because we’ve developed the look and feel of a retail save, while giving merchandise at affordable prices. Also, you deserve to currently visit our online pawn shop merchandise website to browse our entire inventory.


Watch the video Pawn 101 and also learn just how you have the right to easily get a pawn loan for quick cash through no credit check. Pawn loans are convenient, simple and also never impact your credit! That’s why customers rotate to us once they require additional cash. Best Collateral has pawn shops situated in San Francisco, Sacramento, Vallejo, San Mateo, San Rafael, Marysville, San Jose, Santa Rosa and Oakland also.


At Best Collateral, we worth our customers. Enroll in our Customer Rewards Program, and also start putting money earlier in your pocket.


I wanted to sfinish a heartfelt Thank You to Best Collateral of Marysville, California and also the rewards regime. Wright here else can I get a tablet, a scooter and also video game just for being an excellent, loyal customer? This routine conserved my holiday seakid. So I owe them a huge thank you.

N. Bell

I love the regime. I love this place!

George S.

I have actually enjoyed your Customer rewards Program, bereason it provides me deals for items such as iPad’s, HD Flat Screen T.V.’s and also lots and also lots more. Also, it provides me discounts on many kind of items that I have actually already bought.


I purchased a guitar amplifier from Best Collateral. I walked out of the save with an amp in perfect condition for practically fifty percent the price listed online and a new uncovered respect for my neighborhood pawn shop!

What an exceptional program Best Collateral supplies to their customers. I have actually been a customer for even more than 10 years, and I am thrilled about this Rewards Program. Thank you.

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I like exactly how I have the right to spend my points on games and movies for my XBox360 that I can’t afford in the store. Also, I choose just how you carry out the points. Thank you so much.