Do not underestimate the value of Pantheons. This is among the most crucial considerations of beforehand game. One factor to consider is act the Shrine Rush, whereby you obtain Pottery first, then construct A Scout and also Shrine. This will allow you a greater selection of Pantheons, i beg your pardon is critically important, as these benefits last girlfriend the entirety of the game.

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God that the open Sky+1 culture from Pastures. Particularly Australia/Scythia.A
Divine Spark+1 good Person point out from holy Sites (Prophet), Campuses with a Library (Scientist), and also Theater Squares through an Amphitheater (Writer).A
God the the Forge+25% production toward old and classical military units.A
Goddess of Festivals+1 society from Plantations.A
Religious SettlementsWhen liked receive a Settler in her capital. Border growth rate is 15% faster. Especially Russia.A
Fertility RitesWhen chosen receive a Builder in your capital. City expansion rate is 10% higher. Specifically China.A
Earth Goddess+2 confidence from tiles v Breathtaking Appeal. Specifically Inca.B
God of the Sea+1 production from Fishing Boats. Specifically Indonesia/Norway/Maori.B
Goddess the the Hunt+1 Food and +1 manufacturing from Camps. Particularly Canada.B
God of Craftsmen+1 Production and +1 confidence from improved Strategic resources. Specifically Mongolia.B
Desert FolkloreHoly website districts obtain +1 belief from nearby Desert tiles. Especially Mali.B
Dance of the AuroraHoly website districts gain +1 confidence from surrounding Tundra tiles. Particularly Russia.B
City Patron Goddess+25% manufacturing toward districts in cities without a specialty district.C
Religious Idols+2 belief from Mines over Luxury and also Bonus resources. Particularly Nubia.C
Fire Goddess+2 faith from Geothermal Fissures and also Volcanic Soil. Specifically Hungary.C
Monument come the Gods+15% manufacturing to ancient and timeless era Wonders. Specifically China.C
Sacred PathHoly website districts obtain +1 faith from nearby Rainforest tiles. Specifically Brazil.C
Lady the the Reeds and Marshes+2 production from Marsh, Oasis, and Desert Floodplains. Specifically Egypt.C
Initiation Rites+50 faith for each barbaric Outpost cleared. The unit the cleared the barbaric Outpost heals +100 HP. Specifically Sumeria.D
River Goddess+2 Amenities and also +2 housing to urban if they have a holy Site district adjacent to a River. Especially KhmerD
God the HealingIncreases healing by +30 in your divine Site district, or any nearby tiles.D
God the WarBonus confidence equal come 50% that the toughness of each foe unit eliminated within 8 tiles that a divine Site district you own.D
Stone Circles+2 belief from Quarries.D

Which Pantheon in Civ 6 is the best?

When picking a Pantheon, that is finest to select one that has an ongoing benefit regardless that your place or what geographical benefits space within her vicinity. The ideal Pantheon in Civ 6 is “Religious Settlements” because you space able come capture much more ground with fewer cities. This enables more flexible location choice for new Cities and allows you come grab critical strategic resources more easily (horses, iron). Fertility Rites is a near second, but growing indefinitely isn’t vital in Civ 6, as numerous of the benefits space capped in ~ specific population numbers (ie, you require 7 populace for a effective City, and no an ext than 10 is necessary).

Civ 6 Tier List: finest Places that Worship

Just a friendly reminder that this is purely game-related! We space not judging anyone’s religion! The Mosque takes the cake. The extr spread through Missionaries and also Apostles can include up substantially if you are proactively spreading your faith across the world.

MosqueWorship+3 Faith; Missionaries and also Apostles +1 Spread religion chargeS
SynagogueWorship+5 FaithA
Meeting HouseWorship+3 Faith; +2 ProductionA
WatWorship+3 Faith; +2 ScienceA
PagodaWorship+3 Faith; +1 Diplomatic FavorB
StupaWorship+3 Faith; +1 AmenityB
GurdwaraWorship+3 Faith, +2 Food, +1 housingB
Dar-e MehrWorship+3 Faith; +1 additional Faith for each era since constructed or critical repaired. Immune to ecological effectsC
CathedralWorship+3 Faith; 1 slot for religious artC

Civ 6 Tier List: ideal Founder Beliefs

If you started a religion, you room privy come some added benefits. Much more specifically, you get perks native all followers of her religion, also if they’re not part of her Civ.

PilgrimageFounder+2 confidence for every city adhering to this Religion.A
TitheFounder+3 gold for each city complying with this religionA
Sacred PlacesFounder+2 Science, Culture, Gold and also Faith for each city following this religious beliefs that has actually a civilization wonderA
Cross-Cultural DialogueFounder+1 science for every 4 followers of this religion in various other civilizations.B
World ChurchFounder+1 culture for every 4 pendant of this religion in various other civilizations.B
Lay MinistryFounderEach divine Site or theater Square district in a city following this Religion offers +1 faith or +1 culture respectively.C
StewardshipFounderEach Campus or advertisement Hub district in a city adhering to this Religion gives +1 science or +1 yellow respectively.C
Papal PrimacyFounderWhen you send an Envoy to a City-State it adds 200 religious pressure to the City-State.D
Religious UnityFounder+1 Envoy at every city-state when it an initial adopts this religion, in addition to any type of envoy native a city-state quest.D

Civ 6 Tier List: finest Follower Beliefs

Much less potent 보다 the Founder beliefs, the Follower ideas can still include a boost to her gameplay.

Work EthicFollowerHoly website district’s belief adjacency provides equal productionS
Choral MusicFollowerShrines and Temples provide culture equal to their intrinsic confidence output.A
Divine InspirationFollowerAll human being wonders provide +4 Faith.A
Jesuit EducationFollowerMay purchase Campus and also Theater Square district buildings with Faith.B
ReliquariesFollowerRelics have triple productivity of both Faith and Tourism.B
Warrior MonksFollowerAllows spending belief to train Warrior Monks, middle ages land combat units v a distinct promotion tree. Might only it is in purchased in a city v a temple in its holy Site. Divine sites society bomb surrounding tilesC
Feed the WorldFollowerShrines and also Temples provide +3 food and +3 real estate eachC
Zen MeditationFollower+1 Amenity in cities through 2 specialty districts.C
Religious CommunityFollowerInternational profession routes carry out +1 gold because that every Temple and also Shrine in the beginning cityD

Civ 6 Tier List: ideal Enhancer Beliefs

Wrapping up our ar on Religion, Enhancer ideas come later on in game and also has greatly to perform with combat and also spreading your religion further.

Religious ColonizationEnhancerCities start with this religion in location if started by a player who has actually this together their majority religion.S
ScriptureEnhancerReligious spread from nearby city push is 25% stronger. Increased to 50% when Printing push is researched.S
Itinerant PreachersEnhancerReligion spreads to urban 30% further away.A
Missionary ZealEnhancerReligious units overlook movement expenses of terrain and features.B
Monastic IsolationEnhancerYour Religion’s pressure never drops due to losses in Theological Combat.B
Defender of the FaithEnhancerCombat units get +5 Combat Strength near friendly cities that follow this Religion.B
Holy WatersEnhancerIncreases heal of your spiritual units by +10 in holy Site districts belonging come cities v your bulk religion, or any surrounding tilesC
CrusadeEnhancerCombat units get +10 Combat toughness near international cities that follow this Religion.C
Holy OrderEnhancerMissionaries and Apostles are 30% cheaper come Purchase.

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