Welcome come a list of the recommended computer mouse for programming – through a programmer, because that programmers. Now, selecting a “good” mouse have the right to be pretty subjective. Some of you guys might love a huge clicky mouse, some travel a lot and also prefer a portable wireless one, when a few of you may prefer utilizing trackballs instead.So rather than just dumping a “one direction” random perform of mice, i shall walk v a little range of mice instead. Hopefully, the will help you to make a much better choice – read on! 


Online Price: native $35.00Highlights: 200 to 8000 dpi, 6 programmable buttons, scroll wheel, mechanical switches, wired, ambidextrous, optical.

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Get native eBay: Click here
Logitech is a great old reliable selection when it comes to mice because that both work and also play. While over there are countless crazy mice out there the come overrated hardware and also price, this one is ~ above the middle side. Yes, it does not come v neon lights, nor “space-age” engineering. Yet it walk have great hardware at an suitable price.P.S. The LED lights space programmable just-in-case you choose to pimp your mouse. 2. STEEL series SENSEI
Online Price: native $70.00Highlights: up to 12000 dpi, 7 buttons, role wheel, mechanical switches, wired, ambidextrous, optical.Get indigenous eBay: Click here
When it concerns gaming, Steel collection is yet an additional brand that comes up pretty strong. Built as a gaming mouse, the Sensei has all the hardware specs that room overkill for programming… but having a quality computer mouse that is sensibly priced, why not? 3. REDRAGON M711 COBRA
Online Price: from $20.00Highlights: approximately 10000 dpi, 7 programmable buttons, role wheel, mechanically switches, wired, ambidextrous, optical.Get from eBay: Click here
For you men who have not heard that Redragon, they are a firm that specialization in do affordable gaming accessories. They do bring some mighty decent products, and I would personally say grossly underrated. Even though the architecture of the Cobra is a little… funky for expert work, you can rest assured the it has some high quality hardware. All for the price of only $20. 4. LOGITECH G300S
Online Price: from $30.00 (refurbished or open box)Highlights: as much as 2500 dpi, 9 programmable buttons, scroll wheel, wired, ambidextrous, optical.Get indigenous eBay: Click here
If friend don’t want to invest too much but still want a kind mouse, then consider getting a Logitech G300. This is quite a gem actually, given the price and also getting full “professional mouse” specifications. Nice comfortable, and also an ergonomic ambidextrous computer mouse too. The extra side buttons room all programmable, must be pretty valuable as macro keys. 



Online Price: indigenous $50.00Highlights: as much as 4000 dpi, 7 buttons, scroll wheel, Bluetooth and also wireless, ambidextrous, optical. Rechargeable battery.Get from eBay: Click here
The Logitech MX Anywhere series is more than likely one the the much more recommended portable mouse on the Internet, and there is a an excellent reason behind it. The computer mouse itself has decent specs, and also the winner is in reality the software. This wireless mouse have the right to be used throughout multiple computers, literally conserving you indigenous the must buy one extra KVM or the problem of disconnecting/reconnecting. 6. MICROSOFT ARC TOUCH MOUSE
Online Price: from $60.00Highlights: 1000 DPI, 2 buttons, touch scroll, Bluetooth and also wireless, ambidextrous, optical. Takes 2 X AAA battery.Get indigenous eBay: Click here
This Microsoft computer mouse is an amazing one – The Arc Touch mouse can actually bend right into a smartphone-sized device that fits into the pocket. But if girlfriend are provided to a physical scroll wheel, this one deserve to be a small awkward. 7. TARGUS AMU76US CORD-STORING
Online Price: native $30.00Highlights: as much as 1000 DPI, 3 buttons, scroll wheel, retractable cord, ambidextrous, optical.Get from eBay: Click here
Don’t prefer the idea the running the end of battery? Don’t prefer to bring a messy corded computer mouse around? below is a compromise in between the two – This Targus is in reality a corded mouse, but the cord deserve to be retracted and also the USB connector sit in the belly. The is totally portable, and stores far nicely simply like any other wireless mouse. 8. RAZER ATHERIS
Online Price: indigenous $50.00Highlights: approximately 7200 DPI, 5 programmable buttons, scroll wheel, wireless and also Bluetooth, ambidextrous, optical. Provides 2 X AA batteries.Get indigenous eBay: Click here
Razer is known for their gaming accessories, and also this one packs part pretty an excellent hardware as well. The buttons space tactile, quite satisfying to click on, and an overall an accurate responsive mouse. A little drawback is the dimension of that though… people with big hands might want to prevent the Atheris, it is made tiny and portable, not a comfortable one to usage if you favor to remainder your palms on the mouse. 



Online Price: from $12.00Highlights: as much as 1000 dpi, 3 buttons, role wheel, wired, ambidextrous, optical.Get from eBay: Click here
This is as an easy as a mouse deserve to get, the M100r has actually 3 buttons and a role wheel. While it does no have any bells and also whistles, it merely works, is developed like a tank, and also most importantly – it price only 10 bucks. An extremely lightweight, comfortable, and pretty portable as well. 10. MICROSOFT simple OPTICAL MOUSE
Online Price: native $20.00Highlights: approximately 800 dpi, 3 buttons, role wheel, wired, ambidextrous, optical.Get from eBay: Click here
This is Microsoft’s version of the wired simple optical mouse. Well, it’s gained the exact same 3 buttons and also scroll wheel… A very basic “nothing special around it” mouse, however an as whole decent one nonetheless. 11. VICTSING MM057
Online Price: from $14.00Highlights: approximately 2400 dpi, 6 buttons, role wheel, wireless, ambidextrous, optical. Takes 1 X AA battery.Get from eBay: Click here
For those of girlfriend who are thinking “cheap China brand” – Nope. VicTsing is a united state company, and also yes, this is one unbelievably affordable wireless mouse. It has actually some an excellent build and specs come boot as well – Earning the plenty of great reviews online. This is certainly one that offers great value-for-money, and one the you can think about getting together a travel companion. 12. XIAOMI WIRELESS MOUSE
Online Price: native $12.00Highlights: as much as 1200 dpi, 3 buttons, role wheel, wireless, ambidextrous, optical. Take away 2 X AA batteries.Get indigenous eBay: Click here
You may have actually heard of Xiaomi, the Chinese company that to produce affordable smartphones. But they likewise produce a whole load of other affordable electronics, computer accessories included. Truthfully, i didn’t quite like their mouse as the design is flat – certain thing, that is made to it is in portable, however it is no ergonomic, no comfortable to use for long hours.However, look previous that, and also it is an amazingly cheap-and-good 10 bucks wireless mouse. It works with both Bluetooth and also radio frequency (RF) too. Wherein else can we find such a great deal? 



Online Price: indigenous $25.00Highlights: approximately 1600 dpi, 5 buttons, role wheel, wireless, right-handed, optical.Get from eBay: Click here
This is a mouse that you “grab” rather of “rest” your hand on. The is an alleged to type to the shape of her hand naturally, and thus more comfortable. However I personally just discover it weird and hard come use… maybe it will work much better for several of you. 14. LOGITECH MX ERGO
Online Price: indigenous $100.00Highlights: up to 380 dpi, 8 buttons, role wheel, wireless, right-handed, trackball.Get from eBay: Click here
If you job-related on a glass surface, don’t favor a mouse pad, or prefer the trackball alternate – This ergonomic Logitech is a great consideration to make… Although it is a small bit much more on the pricey side, and take note, it is produced right-handed. 15. LOGITECH TRACKMAN
Online Price: indigenous $30.00Highlights: 4 programmable buttons, wired, ambidextrous, trackball.Get indigenous eBay: Click here
For the left-handed folks who are searching for a trackball mouse, are afraid not – Logitech does market the Trackman, i m sorry is likewise a less expensive, ambidextrous trackball mouse. 16. KENSINGTON WIRELESS ORBIT
Online Price: indigenous $45.00Highlights: 2 buttons, touch scroll, wired, ambidextrous, trackball.Get indigenous eBay: Click here
Need a wireless trackball that will not rest the piggy bank? check out this Kensington – A tiny bummer that it go not have actually a middle button, yet it has a touch scroll the adds a quite touch come it (pun intended). 



For you males who room interested to recognize more, right here is a ar on some of the stuff to look the end for while picking a mouse.


Computer computer mouse comes in all shapes and also sizes these days, and also the very very first consideration to make is the modern technology or form of mouse:
TypeDescriptionOpticalThe usual Joe the we check out everywhere. Provides an led to detect movement, through sensing alters in the reflect light. Works typically well on many surfaces, yet suffers ~ above glass and reflective surface.LaserWorks the same means as optical, yet uses a laser instead of LED. As result of the different properties the light, a laser computer mouse will additionally work on glass surfaces, but it suffers part inaccuracies.TrackballA partial mechanical computer mouse that functions by turn a trackball. While that is no dependent on the kind of surface, the trackball can gain dirty over time and requires part maintenance.

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VerticalThese are “ergonomic” mice that you “grab” instead of rest your palms on… Personally, ns just uncover it weird. However who knows, it may work because that you. A vertical mouse is not an extremely portable though.


This is probably one the the most annoying parts for world who are left-handed. Many mice space made right-handed… So just take extra note on the handedness if you are a lefty. 


The resolution of a mouse, measure up in dots per customs (DPI), will certainly determine exactly how sensitive the computer mouse is. Basically, mouse with greater resolution are much more sensitive – we only require to move the mouse a little, and also the cursor will certainly go flying out of the screen. This is type of a hit-and-miss spec… mouse are good as long as they room sensitive enough; really high DPI practically makes that useless instead. 


For you guys who room thinking that wired mice are outdated – They are not. Even though wireless modern technology has enhanced a lot over the years, us still require batteries to journey wireless mice. They perform last nice long but require recharging every when every couple of months or so. Wired mice merely don’t run into the level battery problem. 


A standard mouse has 3 buttons and a role wheel. However will an ext mouse buttons assist to password faster? As far as my an individual experience go – No. They are kind of valuable as back/forward or web page up/page under buttons, but otherwise, we have both hand on the keyboard most of the time anyway. 


Finally, a quite important factor to consider is the ergonomics the the mouse. Personal again, ns am not a vast fan the those stunner curves and designs. A mouse is great as long as that is comfortable to use, and when the does not reason finger cramps; Ergonomic mice have tendency to have actually a solved handedness together well, so execute take note. 


Thank you because that reading, and also we have pertained to the end of this guide. Ns hope the it has actually helped friend to much better understand, and also if you want to re-publishing anything with this guide, you re welcome feel cost-free to comment below. An excellent luck and happy shopping!