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By Staff
Two weeks ago, we all take it a good big leap right into the future, uh, present. 2002 is now upon us, and also to storage the gaming kindness of 2001, we asked you men to vote for the best games of the year. Since we didn't want to affect you unduly (we know exactly how much you count on our *ahem* experienced opinions), we decided to save our very own nominations a secret. Well, the vote is currently over, and we're prepared to unveil our picks as well as yours.

Not surprisingly, there's a most crossover amongst them, however sometimes us didn't always see eye-to-eye. The an excellent thing is the we're providing awards based upon your picks together well, so her picks will get the recognition they deserve.

Now's the time for the large prize for ideal PC game of 2001. It to be a close-run race this past year (at the very least with us, you men seemed to understand which video game you want to win appropriate from the start) and the decision associated lots that debate, a fistfight, a little crying, more debate, crying, another fight, lots more crying, and finally, resolution and consensus (with just a touch the crying in ~ the end, however in the good way).

In all of our awards you'll discover the absolute cream that the crop in gaming, and if friend haven't had actually a possibility to check out any kind of of the gamings mentioned hereafter, you owe it to you yourself to pick them up and also give castle a play.

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Editors' Choice: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Developer: Red Storm EntertainmentPublisher: Ubi Soft

Why that rocked: Here's a game that precise drips atmosphere. Okay, probably not literally, but it still among those games you can't tear you yourself away from. Red Storm's taken the straightforward principles the the currently stellar Rainbow Six collection and lugged to that a brand-new level the intensity and also elegance. This small-squad military operations video game is together gripping together anything we've played this past year. Running through the streets, forests, hills and also swamps of Ghost Recon we discovered a game that preserved us captivated from begin to finish. The hazard of the firefights is made more convincing through the skatifund.orgificant intelligence displayed by both your troops and your opponents (and hopefully you). Sounds and also visuals paint among the most realistic environments we've viewed in a game yet.

While us don't want to take it anything away from Ghost Recon, we must confess the this was a hard-fought battle here at katifund.orgPC. There were so many other titles that were in the running for this award -- Undying, Commandos 2, realm Earth, people 2, Max Payne and more. Ultimately, Ghost Recon just proved to be such a compelling, all-around package offering whatever that provides a game stand out. An excellent level, a hard (and gorgeous) engine, advanced AI, a slick interface and also an exceptionally tense multiplayer component. Red Storm's constantly been recognized for the high polish and also level that detail lugged to the Rainbow Six collection and Ghost Recon take away the currently high requirements of the series to a whole brand-new level. If girlfriend haven't played it, friend should.

Runner-Up: Clive Barker's Undying

Readers' Choice: Max PayneDeveloper: RemedyPublisher: gathering of Developers/3D Realms

Why that rocked: Max Payne rocked due to the fact that it rocked. We believed so, you thought so, and so did anyone else who's played it. Take two parts John Woo, two components next-generation technology, two components purposely clichéd and also mellow dramatic storyline and pour it over a structure of solid twitch shooter and also you've acquired the Payne. The game's famous bullet-time component, very first made popular by The Matrix, is now the warm topic in all of gaming. Suppliers left and also right are fighting to incorporate this simple, however effective mechanic right into their titles. You obtained to respect the trend setter, even if the principle is borrowed.