Bidding for Love: TakatoIriya

2.11<1> are you serious?<2> Please protect against kidding around.

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<3> You’re saying the you love me? (+5)
3.04<1> That’s no it.<2> Don’t it is in so nonchalant.<3> (I’m law what the asks.) (+5)
5.06<1> There’s no method he went out, is there?<2> I’m going come look for him.<3> I’m certain he’ll be back soon. (+5)
<1> I’m certain I’m mistaken.<2> Maybe… (+5)<3> Is it OK?5.17<1> Really? (+5)<2> somehow that’s not surprise.<3> You’re kidding!
6.06<1> Don’t shot to brush me off.<2> room you making fun of me?<3> You’re for this reason strange. (+5)
6.13<1> No! (+5)<2> thank goodness.<3> i won’t leave.6.15<1> Shall us go together? (+5)<2> room you jealous?<3> I’m no going to tell you.
7.04<1> well-off people! (+5)<2> the was a waste of money.<3> Why did girlfriend buy it?7.07<1> No!<2> That’s crazy!<3> i understand. (+5)

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Bidding because that Love: MitsurugiKyo

1.02<1> Why me?<2> just how would i pay because that it? (+5)<3> …

1.09Special Scenario: get CG! (Affection 5+)1.12<1> You’re mistaken!<2> Glare at him. (+5)<3> ……

1.19<1> i can’t perform it!<2> How have the right to I prove anything?<3> I have the right to do this. (+5)


2.02<1> What if ns refuse?<2> i don’t desire to go.<3> ns understand. (+5)

2.06<1> proceed to stare<2> overlook him<3> wake him up (+5)

2.08<1> No!<2> i didn’t watch anything!<3> I’m fascinated. (+5)

3.02<1> very first of all, greetings. (+5)<2> have we met before.<3> It’s to be a lengthy time.

3.04<1> protect against him. (+5)<2> Brace yourself.<3> Raise her voice.

3.10<1> But… (+5)<2> just how mean to speak to me heavy!<3> It can be better not to tell him…

3.17<1> You’re no going? (+5)<2> Is other wrong?<3> Shall we hurry up and also go?

3.22Special Scenario: acquire CG! (Affection 50+)

4.05<1> If.<2> you re welcome stop.<3> I simply wanted to take it a bath. (+5)

4.12<1> Sit still.<2> obtain up.<3> watch his sleeping face. (+5)

4.22<1> Jerk.<2> Wow.<3> you have great self-confidence. (+5)

5.01<1> prize the phone without permission. (+5)<2> have to I answer it?<3> leave it come me!

5.08<1> N… No way.<2> maybe I do… (+5)<3> ignore him.

5.16<1> I recognize that.<2> Of food not. (+5)<3> If that is your request.

5.26<1> I’m afraid!<2> Let’s talk v them. (+5)<3> I’ll take care of this… !

6.05<1> It’s strange. (+5)<2> ns wonder what happened.<3> I acquire angry.

6.06Special script (Affection 95+)

6.09<1> so beautiful… (+5)<2> ns didn’t know you can smile like that.<3> Is that planning something.

6.21Special Scenario: acquire CG! (Affection 100+)6.24<1> an excellent morning.<2> wherein did you go?<3> i was worried about you.(+5)

7.05<1> i guessed. (+5)<2> I understand enough around you to number that out.<3> It to be obvious.

7.11<1> Pet!<2> I’m no a dog!<3> That’s a cruel point to say. (+5)

7.17<1> Ok, ns will. (+5)<2> room you having fun?<3> Please help me decide.

8.01Special scenario (Affection 120+)8.05<1> I’m complimentary right now.<2> Is there something I can help? (+5)<3> There’s other I desire to ask you.

8.09<1> I’ll it is in lonely. (+5)<2> Of course not.<3> I’m uneasy.

8.14<1> We need to evacuate.<2> We need to put the end the fire.<3> I need to inform Kyo. (+5)

9.01<1> I’m sorry.<2> assist me.<3> … (+5)

9.05<1> Don’t die!<2> I’ll save you! (+5)<3> Dont’ say together idiotic things…

9.06Special Scenario: gain CG! (Affection 145+)9.09<1> you re welcome calm down.<2> Who are you? (+5)<3> space you OK?

9.16Special scenario (Affection 150+)

10.03<1> ns look roughly the room.<2> Why is this happening come me!?<3> i wait for someone come come. (+5)

10.11<1> give thanks to you. (+5)<2> girlfriend went too much with Mr. Kuroki.<3> how did you discover me?

10.20<1> It’s a little scary.<2> Hurry and let’s obtain this over with.<3> My love is pounding… (+5)

11.07<1> I’m so happy!<2> This isn’t a dream, is it? (+5)<3> you re welcome let me think around it…

11.09<1> Nothing.<2> I’m worried around you.<3> I just wanted come look at her face. (+5)

11.18<1> hurry home.<2> check out you at home.<3> I’d choose to remain with girlfriend a little longer. (+5)

11.20<1> I’m going come marry him.<2> Why is it? (+5)<3> i would prefer to.

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11.22<1> that doesn’t matter, does it?<2> ns went because that a walk.<3> i took some time to go shopping. (+5)