Bikini Zone Medicated After Shave actually Gel helps eliminate Bikini Bumps. Instantly stops irritation, redness & itching.

Benefits Dermatologist-tested formula via lidocaine instantly soothes irritation, pain and itching as it absorbs into the skin. Within hrs, the distinctive ingredients will certainly aid mitigate the appearance of bumps, razor burn and redness that helps proccasion ingrown hairs. Specially formulated to help skin recuperate from the results of rerelocating hair from the sensitive bikini area. Contains lidocaine, an anesthetic to instantly sooth irritation, pain and also itching. Won"t stain lingerie, swimsuits or clothing. Features Irritation deserve to take place anytime, not simply during swimsuit season. Use Bikini Zone for a beautifully smooth, irritation, bump free bikini area all year long!

How to Use

Adults & Children over 12 Years: See optimal of cap to open tube. Immediately after hair removal, use Bikini Zone sparingly and also just to the locations wbelow it"s essential. Repeat as crucial, yet no more than 4 times everyday. Continue to use Bikini Zone as a regular component of your hair removal regimen, whether you usage a razor, wax or depilatory. Children under 2 years: ask a doctor.

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Active Ingredient: Lidocaine 2.00%. InActive: Benzyl Alcohol, Camphor, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantion, Hexylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, Menthol, PPG-2-Isodeceth-20 Acetate, PVM/MA Decadiene Crosspolymer, Salicylic Acid, SD Alcohol 23-a, Sodium Hydroxide, Water(aqua).

Product Reviews

Rated 4.59 out of 5 stars

44 Reviews

Many Helpful Positive Review

Great product!

This product absolutely work-related. I would often develop little red bumps after shaving my bikini line. I haven"t had that issue given that utilizing this product. The gel has a weird consistency however it works! It additionally drys quickly. A little bit product goes a lengthy method.

Many Helpful Critical Review

Good enough

I used this product best after shaving actually to assist with my ingrown hairs. While via a little burning, it operated better than some commodities I"ve used in the past yet still not the ideal. It diminished redness and also assisted in some ingrvery own hairs.

Reviewed by 44 customers

Didn"t view it functioning for me


Asha fromSacramento

Did nopoint. I have discovered that pure coconut oil has been the finest aftershave actually I"ve ever tried and also looks like I"m going back to it. It prevents razor bumps much better than anypoint I"ve uncovered on the sector.



Horrible from911

This is the worst product I"ve supplied in my entire life. It burned and also gave me a skin tag. Wouldn"t recommend to anyone.



Shatap fromFL

Works every time…been making use of it for years



Brooke fromRochester, NY

works !!

I would certainly buy aobtain and again


Fenu fromSouth Elgin, IL


I would buy it aacquire and also again


Fenu fromSouth Elgin, IL

It was exceptional.

Works impressive if offered correctly


Lauren fromLos Angeles

I gain poor razor burn all over other than my legs. Right after acquire out of the shower, I put this on my bikini (and also height location too) along with my armpits. This substantially reduces my razor bumps. However, it needs to be offered directly after, carry out not wait also lengthy. This won"t work to remove the bumps just to prevent them from happening.

Worked for me


Ella fromNo

Completely honestly, I didn"t recognize my mother had bought this till a few years after. When I was a freshman in high institution I supplied to get a whole bunch of pimples in my ears (kinda gross sorry) and also my mom would usage this to numb my ears simply a tiny little bit so she might mess via them. A few years later on we were just talking and also I was saying just how I constantly hate shaving actually my bikini location bereason I always obtain razor burns and it"s always irritated. My mom told me that she had actually this stuff bereason it"s what she used for my ears. I decided to attempt it and also it certainly works. No burning or irritation for me however I would still carry out a patch test or somepoint bereason it might burn your skin even if it didn"t burn mine. I have actually no razor burns currently and no irritation at all. I hope it functions for you how it functioned for me!!

I would buy this product again


Apánapa fromVirginia

It"s among the finest assets I have actually tried for after shaving bumps

This stuff is awesome!!!


Neutralskinbeauty fromSan Antonio

I always suffer pain and also itchiness after shaving actually my bikini area and this stuff really helps to relieve the pain. I usage it every day also if I didn"t shave actually that day because I usually feel pain while it is flourishing earlier. I also view it takes much longer for me to get bumps! I commonly get them the following day but with this stuff, they don"t come in until about a week or so. 10/10 recommended!

Love this stuff


EL fromChattanooga, Tn

Love it. Always works. Even as soon as had actually to use disposable razor , burns slightly at initially but well worth it. No bumps no pain.

I would certainly buy the After Shave Medicated Gel Bikini Zone


Lynda fromGrand Rapids MI

The Bikini Zone After Shave medicated gel functions great on my sensitive skin . It soothes the irritated skin after shaving actually as well as heal it .



Allison fromAlbany kind of, NY

This stuff stings at first yet I apply to the locations right after I wax and it literally erases bumps and also redness so endure via the minimal pain!. I have additionally provided it on irritated chaffing bumps / bikini location. Wake up the following morning and they are gone! 10/10

Great product


ultimateprincess fromNew York, NY

This product is really reliable at reducing irritation after hair removal. I use it after shaving actually and also waxing, and also it prevents sensitive skin from gaining irritated.

It works!


Brittany type of fromVirginia

I do not typically write reviews. Although j have to most likely begin even more given that I"m always reading other peoples to decide if I need to try somepoint. Anythat, this stuff is great! So far I have used it three times after I have actually shaved. And eexceptionally time I have actually noticed that I would certainly say it reduces redness and bumps by 99%. This is a have to. A staple item I will proceed purchasing.

This was not what I was intending


Michelle fromPennsylvania

The product is a lidocaine lotion. I did not check out this clearly when buying it on a whim online and instead assumed this was an anti-inflammatory/soothing lotion to minimize visible irritation after shaving actually. This ssuggest gives a numbing sensation to block pain fairly than minimize inflammation and also appearance of razor bumps (at least anymore than other lotions would). Bottom line: The medication portion of this lotion is to numb, not to reduce inflammation or appearance of irritation secondary to shaving actually.

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Great product


Kenzie fromModesto

Works remarkable. Although it does sting at initially best after you shaved it is totally worth it !!!!!!!

Nothing Compares


MStr7 fromMadichild, WI

This stuff is my holy grail. After utilizing, the redness and bumps and also irritation go amethod, there"s no itching, and also my skin looks and also feels so much better. This is the most efficient product I have actually ever supplied.

functions great !!


lindseyrenee19 fromManteca, Ca

i provided to always have actually razor bumps after and i"ve been making use of this for around 2 weeks currently and they"re all gone! i"m beyond happy