Recently, we’ve noticed a climbing level of human being who take worry with Billy Eichner‘s famous segment ‘Billy top top the Street‘ – he it s okay in people’s faces, yells, and some human being reckon if that didn’t have actually a camera, his actions can be perceived as a level of abuse. 

But something we may have all forget is, for the 10 world we check out in every ‘BOTS‘ video, there to be at the very least 50 more people he spoke to the were EXCEEDINGLY unhappy v his yelling, and were exceptionally happy to tell him to go fuck himself. 

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Eichner posted one of these videos to Twitter overnight, v the caption:

“Had a pretty chat v this young lady around La La Land.”


But it was no a pretty chat.

Eichner retains his common levels that sass, calling a woman pet names and pretending to be horrified when she says she has actually no idea what ‘La La Land’ is, or that the hell Emma Stone is. 

The two shot to one-up each other with increasing levels of condescension and ‘babes’ and also ‘sweeties’, until finally, she to walk off, saying she’s a mother of 4 and also does not have time to clock TV. 

Billy states “Sweetheart, okay, it has Oscar buzz and I observed Emma stone do a Q&A” as she walks off, and HOOOOO BOY. The woman DID NOT prefer THAT. 

She transforms in the center of the street and also says, 

“I don’t recognize who you trying come sass because that a fucking camera, yet you acquired the right bitch to placed you in the wrong motherfucking place.”

Billy understandably just says “Okay, thank you”, and also then it’s done. The greatest ‘Billy ~ above the Street’ video to ever before exist is done. 

Watch below:

Had a pretty chat through this young lady around La La floor

— billy eichner (
billyeichner) December 22, 2016



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