The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has a ton of mystery endings. Here"s our guide explaining exactly how to unlock every one of them for this video game!

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Binding of Isaac The Beast and The missing Poster
The Binding that Isaac regeneration is a classic rogue-like game with bullet hell elements. The gameplay is solid, and also the story bizarre and also deeply depressing. V multiple add-ons and also expansions, it’s end up being a huge game that calls for a great level that skill and tact come beat.

Even an ext stunning is the level of replayability through multiple character and item unlocks that, when linked with procedurally created levels, enemies, and even randomized bosses, makes no two games the same. V all this randomization, it can be tough to achieve all twenty end of the game, but, for the completionists the end there, this is a guide on just how to do exactly that. Or, for those without the time, the gist the what wake up in every ending!

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Updated June 13th, 2021 by Ben Baker: v the recent release of Repentance, The Binding the Isaac now has two much more endings and a bunch the rewards and also unlocks. The currently mammoth game has even more replayability as players dive in to find out what has actually changed. To aid those descending earlier into the horrors that Isaac"s mind, here are the extr endings and also some that the perks the come v each ending.

The Binding of Isaac mother Attacking Isaac
This finishing is fairly basic come achieve, merely defeat Mom and players will earn this misleading ending. Isaac imagines his mom cornering him with a knife all set to sacrifice him come the voices in she head once The holy bible falls native the shelf and also kills her.

regrettably for Isaac, this turned out to it is in an imaginative story all in his head, and his mom opens the door behind him to reveal a darker fate because that the hero.

Binding the Isaac Eden
After defeating Mother’s Heart, Isaac drops into a mysterious chest the locks him inside. ~ a commotion, he breaks cost-free of the chest in an to explode of light together the character Eden with white hair that alters styles and also bright glow yellow eyes.

gaining this finishing will unlock the playable personality Eden. The player must have actually an Eden tokens to play together this character which space earned by beating various bosses.

Binding the Isaac Rubber Cement
Again, after defeating Mother’s Heart, Isaac finds a bottle of rubber cement within the mysterious chest. For whatever reason, that slathers that on his eyes, turning them pasty white when gluing his eyelids open.

getting this finishing unlocks Rubber Cement as a passive items that can be found. It essentially reasons tears to bounce off every objects possibly striking enemies more than once.

The Binding of Isaac Noose
another ending accomplished after defeating Mother’s Heart, Isaac meet the mysterious chest again and finds a length of rope inside. The player is climate treated to among the darkest endings accessible in the game. That"s yes, really saying something, together this video game can be particularly dreary in places.

This finishing will unlock the passive article Transcendence. This permits Isaac to permanently fly.

A randomized ending after beating mother’s Heart, Isaac opens the secret chest to uncover a wire Coat Hanger i m sorry he timeless shoves with his head.

This ending will unlock the wire Coat Hanger passive item. This rises tear strike strength by .7 when picked up.

After defeating Mother’s Heart, Isaac opens the mysterious chest come be struck by his mother’s huge arm. ~ punching him, the arm grabs him and yanks him into the chest as mommy cackles somewhere the end of sight.

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This unlocks the mode whatever Is terrible which provides the game significantly more challenging.

another easy ending to attain by beating Mother’s Heart, Isaac opens up the chest to uncover something out of view. He actions away native the chest and also becomes okay before turning to vomit right into the chest, causing an explosion.

This ending will unlock the passive article Ipecac. Ipecac replace instead replace tears through projectiles that space explosive and also poisonous.

among the an ext disturbing end after beating mummy Heart, Isaac finds a yellow syringe in the secret chest and presumably injects himself with it. Later Isaac is displayed incredibly deformed, slumped top top the floor sporting a cartoonishly distorted face.

This finishing introduces the passive item speculative Treatment to the game. When used it will randomly increase and also decrease Isaac"s stats.

Beating mummy Heart yields this semi-happy finishing where Isaac find a quarter in the mysterious chest v no mental or dark next effects. It"s thought about the happiest feasible ending in the game.

with this ending players will have access to A Quarter. When uncovered in the game it instantly gives Isaac 25 cents.

an additional ending result from the devastation of mummy Heart, Isaac meet the secret chest and also finds a glass jar v a fetus inside. The player then sees Isaac wearing a optimal hat and monocle, supposedly having come to be Dr. Fetus. This finishing is a reference to Super Meat Boy, one more of indie video game developer Edmund McMillen"s creations.

If players gain this finishing it will unlock the passive items Dr. Fetus. Dr. Fetus replaces tears through bombs that have actually a very short detonation time and also deal three times the damages of a tear.

This dark ending is a result of beating Mother’s Heart. Right here Isaac opens the secret chest to find the unsettling ??? personality inside, a young boy with blue skin and crossed out eyes signifying that he’s dead. The body lifts up and also startles Isaac, who plummets into a spiraling void.

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This finishing will unlock the playable personality ??? as recognized as Blue Baby. ??? deserve to only have Soul hearts or black color Hearts and starts v the item The Poop.

This weird finishing is the critical one that deserve to be accomplished after defeating Mother’s Heart. Isaac opens the secret chest and is surprised by those inside, presumably nothing. Then all of sudden It Lives, a sport of mother’s Heart through an eerie challenge embedded in the organ, pops up behind him and also growls.

This finishing unlocks It resides as a boss, which makes various other endings much easier to achieve, however is a harder ceo to kill.

This finishing requires the player to beat Satan ~ above the final floor Sheol i beg your pardon is unlocked in one of 4 ways; a trapdoor will randomly generate to Sheol after ~ a player defeat Mother’s Heart, if the player has unlocked It resides the trapdoor will constantly spawn, the article We need to Go Deeper deserve to be offered on the Womb II level to open up a trapdoor, and also the Joker can be provided in Womb II to create a devil Deal room that has a trapdoor leading to Sheol.

Upon opened the secret chest, Isaac rapidly alters into the various characters. After ~ going through them all, he returns to common in his very own room and clambers within the chest.

relying on which character the player is utilizing when beating Satan will certainly unlock various items. Below is a list:

Isaac - Mom"s Knife Maggy - The Guardian angel Judas - The Monster hand-operated Cain - The Bomb Bag eve - The Demon baby ??? - Forget Me now Samson - Blood civil liberties
To accomplish this eerie ending, players should defeat the ceo Isaac, a crying version of the main character discovered on the Cathedral floor. To acquire to the Cathedral, player’s must randomly spawn an point of view Room after beating Mother’s love or acquire a guarantee doorway after defeating It Lives.

Isaac is seen reading a Bible before facing a mirror variation of himself the is black color skinned through red eyes, symbolic of the wickedness that feels is within him.

There space a staggering variety of things come unlock via this ending. It counts on which personality is used, how plenty of times Isaac is defeated, which various other bosses have been defeated, and also varying combinations thereof. It would honestly take a overview all that is own.

This finishing requires the players to win The Chest level, which is available via three different methods. The first requires the player to touch the chest left behind through the ceo Isaac when The Polaroid article is equipped, the other is to usage the telepills on the Cathedral floor to enter the i AM ERROR room, and also the final method can be discovered by entering a Black sector on the Cathedral floor and walking right into the beam the light uncovered there.

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This finishing shows a collection of pictures portraying a happy family before the dad is checked out leaving, the mom goes insane, and also Isaac succumbs to the evil inside him.

perfect this finishing normally will certainly unlock the Angels minibosses. Acquiring this ending without taking any kind of damage will certainly unlock Dead Boy.

Beating the Dark Room returns this ending, and also there’s a variety of ways to accessibility it. Player’s have the right to beat Satan five times, climate touch his chest while holding The an adverse item. Lock can likewise get to it with the i AM ERROR room, by killing Uriel and also Gabriel and also then using a sacrifice room, or by beginning a trapdoor inside a black Market.

The cutscene shows a absent poster for Isaac v his mother searching for him in the background.

This finishing unlocks the absent Poster Trinket. It"s not among the most valuable trinkets the end there, yet it"s miscellaneous to make it through the nightmares.

This finishing requires the player to defeat Mega Satan, which has some needs to also spawn. The play need to have beat either ??? or the Lamb and also collect all crucial pieces or have Dad’s Key. Act this opens the golden Key door whereby stepping ~ above a pentagram spawns Mega Satan.

This ending shows Isaac curled up in the chest breathing greatly as he’s progressively taken over by a laugh demon.

similar to beating Isaac there room a massive variety of things come unlock by defeating the Mega Satan as different characters. It additionally changes based on which DLC are energetic during the playthrough.

come unlock this ending, players have to defeat the boss Hush found in the Blue Womb that is easily accessible only after defeating Mother’s Heart for the 10th time, i beg your pardon will take place naturally given how plenty of times mom Heart need to be beat to unlock various other endings.

This ending is comparable to finishing 15 in that it starts v the missing poster. However, instead of fading come black, we see Isaac’s mother finding his dusty remains in the chest. The then cut to an empty people with Isaac appearing out the a red chest before a dark winged figure appears behind him.

as soon as again the things unlocked through this finishing depend top top the personality used and which DLCs are active.

To gain this ending, the player must be playing Greed setting which alters the game in varying ways. Player’s should defeat the critical boss known as Ultra Greed.

In this cutscene, Isaac is presented to have actually been trapped in a cave after the enntrance gate is caved in. Later, his corpse is watched in the same place as the Shopkeeper prior to suddenly smiling.

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beating Ultra Greed will certainly unlock assorted items relying on which that the dozens of character alternatives are used.

This finishing requires the player come beat the game first on Greed Mode and then the succeeding Greedier setting which provides the video game much harder 보다 it previously was.

The cutscene is identical to ending 18 with the notable exception that, after the Shopkeeper corpse smiles, his head falls off, and his neck spews the end a mass of flies.

There room even more unlocks in The Greedier finishing than Greed ending.

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