How To deal with The "System cannot discover the path specified" uTorrent Error In home windows 10

uTorrent is a freeware, closed source client and among the most famous BitTorrent clients supplied by much more than 150 million users. That main function is to administer peer-to-peer (or P2P) document sharing for distributing large amounts that data. It permits users to download various papers easily by making use of "torrent" files. A "peer" create a torrent paper that contains metadata around the shared files and the tracker. If a peer (or peers) desires to download a shared file, castle must very first obtain the torrent file and then connect to the mentioned tracker, which determines from which other peers to download the pieces of the shared file. Once those fragments are downloaded, the full record is went back for access by the user"s operating system.

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uTorrent is a really convenient method to share and also download files across the world, however, the peer-to-peer sharing process is periodically interrupted by one error stating, "System cannot discover the course specified". This is one of the most usual errors as soon as using a uTorrent client. The error generally occurs once there is an invalid download location gotten in (i.e. When the file path is incorrect). Fortunately, is is possible to settle this error so the you can continue to download files. To solve this problem, you can need to inspect the document path length and also download folder name, restart the client, inspect the location folder settings, etc. Review the guide below and try out the techniques to resolve the "System cannot uncover the route specified" error.


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Download computer system Malware repair Tool
It is recommended to operation a cost-free scan v Combo Cleaner - a device to detect malware and also fix computer system errors. Friend will need to purchase the full version to remove infections and eliminate computer errors. Totally free trial available. Combo Cleaner is owned and also operated through Rcs Lt, the parent firm of review more.

Restart uTorrent

One the the simplest solutions is come restart the uTorrent client. If you have actually not already tried this, merely close uTorrent fully and climate re-launch it. See if this fixes the "System cannot discover the route specified" error. Part users have actually reported that this basic solution fixed the problem. Be affected by each other in mind, however, the this solution could only it is in temporary.

Check because that Dots and also Spaces

One feasible reason for the "System cannot discover the course specified" problem is that there is a period or room in the download path. Periodically uTorrent transforms the download course of torrents by adding a dot or room at the start or the end, which provides the route unreadable (and why the customer reports that the mechanism cannot uncover the path). If this is the case, examine the course of the torrent paper for dots or spaces prior to or after ~ the folder name. Eliminate them and also check if girlfriend still get the "System cannot discover the path specified" error.

Check The destination Folder Properties

If the destination folder is set to Read-only, Windows prevents you from making any type of changes come it. A read-only attribute way that the folder can be opened or read, however not deleted, changed, or renamed (and this additionally applies to documents within the folder). To check out if your location folder is set to read-only, right-click it and also select "Properties" native the contextual menu.


Then, discover "Attributes" and also ensure that the "Read-only" attribute is unchecked. Click "Apply" to save the changes and also start downloading and install your torrent again to see if this fixes the "System cannot discover the course specified" error.


Check The path Length

This "System cannot discover the route specified" error can be resulted in by exceeding the border of the route length. Home windows limits file paths come 256 characters. If this limit is exceeded, friend will receive this kind of error. To resolve the trouble with the paper path, ensure the the download location and also associated characteristics contain less than 256 characters. Because that example, the filename, journey letter, catalog name where the papers are located, and torrent filename.

Delete The Torrent

This solution entails deleting the torrent document and all various other files associated with it. This error can sometimes be led to by incorrectly-downloaded torrent files. Delete all files: the torrent paper itself and also the partly-downloaded file, and the torrent document registry native the uTorrent client itself. This can usually be excellent by appropriate clicking the problem torrent file and then selecting "Remove And", and also "Delete .torrent + Data". Then, try to download the torrent paper again and add it come uTorrent. Begin the download again and also see if this fixes the "System cannot find the course specified" error. This basic solution regularly fixes the problem.


Set The Download path Manually

Some users have actually reported the this solution addressed the problem, however, you could need to apply this an approach to each torrent individually. To adjust the download course manually, open the uTorrent customer and right-click the torrent that is providing the "System cannot discover the route specified" error. Choose "Advanced" and then "Set Download Location...". Select the folder into which you desire to download the torrent and also click "OK". Repeat the measures with all problematic torrents.


Alternatively, collection the brand-new download ar for every torrents by click "Options" and also then "Preferences".


In the preferences window, walk to "Directories" section and also tick the checkbox under "Location of downloaded Files" stating "Put brand-new downloads in:" and select the brand-new location by clicking the 3 dots beside the whitened bar.


Start the torrent again and see if this fixes the "System cannot uncover the course specified" error.

Download and older uTorrent Version

If you are using the latest variation of uTorrent, it can contain bugs or other errors that could potentially cause the "System cannot find the route specified" error. Inspect the uTorrent version in the top-left corner - in our instance it is "uTorrent 3.5.3 (build 44358)". Go to Google and also search for previously versions by typing "uTorrent 3.5.1", etc., download the version and see if this fixes the "System cannot uncover the course specified" error.


If because that some factor you cannot view the uTorrent version, click "Help" and select "About uTorrent". A window will popular music up displaying the version of the uTorrent client.

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We hope that one of these options fixes the "System cannot discover the route specified" error. If you recognize of other techniques that resolve the problem, you re welcome share them through us by leaving a comment in the section below.