I to be unsure if other human being feel this means but ns bounties leaving me wanting for more. I think what ns dislike many is as soon as a bounty spawns because that a pursuit you just complete or monster you just killed (I had a situation where I obtained a bounty because that Bloodfeast after perfect the Groble Tyrant quest). I also feel the the present main and side questlines carry out a good enough project of incentivizing exploration through the end the world that the bounties finish up feeling favor annoying busy work.

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I was reasoning of a different bounty an approach where you pick a bounty and a rift opens up the takes you come a rogue-like area for you come explore and also complete the bounty. It i will not ~ be arbitrarily layouts because, at least from what ns heard, the engine can’t assistance that but rather mini-zones the you deserve to explore and also loot. Possibly you might even have some bounties it is in time oriented this way.

Anyway just a thought. Some can hate it but I would discover it an enjoyable alteration to the method bounties room handled.

Evil_Baka June 6, 2019, 3:07pm #2

Zantai has mentioned the he would prefer to redo the bounty system before, though ns don’t think it’s a consideration for Forgotten god or a priority at the moment.


I actually prefer exactly how bounties now ask friend to walk out right into the world and hunt under a target, some are simple to find or fixed prefer the Dermapteran Matriarchs but others space craftier.

I think because that ones that have the right to have numerous spawn points the having an ext of a proviso or means to pinpoint whereby they are would aid on this than simply saying “x has actually been spotted in the Rotting Croplands” and being meant to sheathe every inch of it. For anyone that’s played the Borderlands games, I’m thinking something choose the area objective circle.

Having what amounts to a small cave, arena or straight hallway etc. Sound boring.

medea_fleecestealer June 6, 2019, 3:07pm #3

Bounties are greatly for acquiring rep easily with assorted factions.


Making castle rogue-like dungeons would actually alleviate the variety of people act them because not everyone ventures (or wants to venture) into rogue-likes.

Tasniik June 6, 2019, 3:07pm #4

And not everyone does, or desires to do, bounties therefore at least by that logic nothing would certainly change.

medea_fleecestealer June 6, 2019, 3:07pm #5

Not entirely. Ns don’t generally do bounties other than for few of the Rover persons so i can obtain the Mogdrogen shrine in Normal. Yet I nothing really favor rogues therefore don’t venture into them very often. Making all bounties rogues would cut someone choose me off from act them. Maybe if there to be one rogue per table that would certainly work.

Tasniik June 6, 2019, 3:07pm #6

To be fair the idea the making lock rogue-like was an ext of a flavor point that simply kinda felt best from a temp dungeon perspective.

The main thing ns would like would simply be the portal come what would basically be an circumstances in all however name. That way you deserve to do her bounty and also not need to retread locations so hard.

Yawgmoth June 6, 2019, 3:07pm #7

Personally i wish the bounties would be an actual board or some similar interface showing me the 5 i have access to this session. Or hell, just offer us all 20 on the board and let us do the persons we favor to execute in the order we prefer to perform them, it’s no like having actually to restart the game is an interesting mechanic.

Tasniik June 6, 2019, 3:07pm #8

Yeah ns think that would certainly actually it is in kinda cool to have actually real bounty board

Tasniik June 6, 2019, 3:07pm #9

Also it would certainly be cool to watch the bounty posters

demonobento June 6, 2019, 3:07pm #10

Yes bounty might be better, yet not priority. There are other things in the game they should work ~ above first.

Troll_from_behind June 6, 2019, 3:07pm #11

Just an opinion here, yet bounties kinda obtain pointless a little bit too fast, the gear you obtain from vanilla factions besides contents & augments kinda it s okay pointless by the time you unlock them.By including something worth farming, favor epic/empovered/mythical set from formulas to each faction would certainly make factions much more relevant in the direction of the finish game.Like say making Guardman’s Reinment recipe buyable indigenous DG with equivalent levels, prefer mythical because that revered.And climate there’s the reality not every factions are equal as far as progression goes.Devil’s crossing is the hardest to get to the point where you gain the equipment by the time you deserve to use it.By the moment you obtain to Ultimate and can grind repu over there isn’t lot worth havin indigenous vanilla factions.

Worblehat June 7, 2019, 1:13am #12

Just one opinion here, however bounties kinda get pointless a little too fast, the gear you gain from vanilla factions besides materials & augments kinda gets pointless by the moment you unlock them.By adding something precious farming, favor epic/empovered/mythical set from recipe to every faction would make factions an ext relevant towards the finish game.And climate there’s the truth not every factions room equal as far as development goes.Devil’s cross is the hardest to get to the allude where you get the equipment by the time you deserve to use it.By the time you get to Ultimate and also can grind repu over there isn’t much worth havin from vanilla factions.

You deserve to grind rep conveniently at the end of elite. At that point every one of your alts will certainly fly v faction rep and get every little thing DC, Rover, or Homestead equipment they choose at 35.

The hardest factions to gain at a beneficial level room ODV/KC, also with mandates. The level 35 equipment from those should most likely be level 50 prefer the black Legion and also Outcast equipment instead.

My impression is the bounties are crucial for two reasons:

First character obtaining max rep to administer mandates because that alts.Getting negative rep to unlock nemeses.

Having realized the prestige for nemeses, I’ve started doing lock again even though no one of my characters really requirements the confident rep.

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I’d definitely like the menu of five (or 20) options to perform in one’s wanted order, instead of the present system.