If you’re experiencing multiple crashes, various disconnects, or stability troubles in contact of Duty: black color Ops 4 for PC, monitor these actions to watch if they deal with your issues.

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1. Scan speak to of Duty game Files

Open the Blizzard customer and choose Call that Duty: black color Ops 4. Click Options, and climate Scan and Repair.


Playing Blackout mode is also more intensive on her computer, because there is for this reason much an ext happening through 100 people in a game than there is as soon as only 8-12 world are in a game.

If Blackout setting is as well laggy even on the lowest settings, it can be time for a computer upgrade – or you have the right to stick v Zombies and Multiplayer.

4. Disable Overlays

If you’re utilizing a program prefer Discord that has actually an overlay, you’ll want to disable it together it may be bring about the graphics error. If the crashes avoid after you’ve disabled overlays, friend can ascendancy them as the trouble-maker.

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If you’re tho experiencing consistent crashes after every one of these solutions, it can be time to talk to your computer system manufacturer, Activision, or a tech assistance specialist. P.S., you get 24/7 tech assistance with a premium license to Driver Support.