Players have the right to no much longer view their Skills in the Character Info display screen. (Intended)The Equipment Upgrade Paths (Ctrl-I) have actually been removed for now. (Intended)Exclusive Premium Membership Icon picture is lacking from Premium Membership Info tab.Buff icons are lacking for the Safeguard Belt and Dawnbappropriate Gloves.Some new pet gems might not display screen statistics.Soul Shields have incorrect item descriptions for Destroyer and Gunslinger classes.New personalities are instantly transported out of Hongmoon Training Grounds after level 60 boost.

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Known Issues as of March 17, 2021

Twisted Serpent Stronghold Rhelp Chapter 4 Quest, the emote command also is presently in English just. Command will be localized on March 24.Use "/Revere" or pick Emote on Emote Shortcut UI (Left CTRL + Left ALT key).Certain Soul Badges intake is outplacing additional damage/ability results.Naryu Sanctum searches track NCOMPUTER Minyung in the Housage of Idols for pursuit completion.Unable to short article the phrase "w4" in the game chat

Known Issues as of December 21, 2020

Certain rassist consumables cannot be supplied in Scarlet Conservatory.Tower of Infinity ranking display screens the seachild erroneously.Prime Path Illusion Weapons cannot be stored in the Showroom (F3).Deluxe Hongmoon Fast XP Charm, when supplied, shares the 24hr cooldvery own with other XP Cdamages.

Known Issues from Divine Break

DE/FR VO will be in English – subtitles will be easily accessible.Summer Sea outfit on Jin females mirrors seams on arms and also legs.Unable to Transmute Clockstopper Pet to Pet PodUnable to article the expression "w4" in the game chatSoul Fighter’s Anima Fusion skill toolreminder screens incorrect ability Area.Refined dungeons rewards and also tooltips have incontinuous Reward.Unity Rank Reputation cannot be obtained after 150 rank.

Knvery own Issues from Forgotten Souls – April 01, 2020

Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest occasionally does not carry out any itemsIf you experience this worry please call our DepartmentFriend Request alert does not show up unless the client is reloadedDaily Challenge Quests for PvP are not in-sync through the PvP ScheduleAwakened True Wyvern Talisman screens incorrect "Enduring" textAwakened Edict Belt displays incorrect "Unbound" textSkybreak Accessories for Assassin and also Destroyer have actually inconsistent namingMinor clipping concern on Gon Female personalities as soon as wearing the Aurealis Shimmer outfit.Swarmth Summoner Hongmoon Training Room: Projectile Resistance shows that Petal Storm have to be used to finish the training, which is a Thorn Summer Skill.Please note that you can still finish the training utilizing the Hive Swarmth skill.Thrall AI Stage 1~4 in Trial arena has actually even more HP than Stage 5~10.Chakra Icon for Kung-Fu Master does not show the stacks.When customizing Custom Butterfly Clip Hair you"ll be unable to change its Main and Secondary color.Tower of Infinity and Trial Arena NPC have enhanced HP.Auto-fishing is cancelling early.Dragon Fist KFM’s Searing Dragon does not hit target when provided while relocating.Gunslinger’s Ricochet ability is not working as intended.Archer Smokedisplay screen (Tab) capability has a 1 second delay on video camera movementAssassin “Sagewood” and “Limitless” spirit badge does not minimize timebomb cooldownKFM’s Eternity spirit badge does not recollection Pivot Kick cooldvery own after using Comet StrikeAssassin’s Allegiance spirit badge does not minimize Mine Toss cooldvery own upon a successful Dynamic Kick

Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge searches are currently not counting for the Weekly Challenge rewards.

Cold Storage

Orb of Ascensioncannot be supplied to summon the second boss.

The antiqueditemWhite Orbis usable presently.

Shackled Isles

Entering Lobby (F8) as a party for Shackled Isles causes players not being able to queue.

User Interface

The Lobby (F8) UI does not dynamically upday the start time for booked events like Shackled Isles, Arena, and also Battleground based on the user"s time zone settings.Event

Players are able to enter the Hae Mujin"s Outlaw Arena Event Dungeon prior to completing the linked arrival pursuit initially.

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Blade MasterWay of the Spectral BladeDivine Retribution has actually incorrect cooldown time.Enforcer and Exemplar Soul Badges execute not increase Starstrike effect duration in Lucky Stars talent.Soaring Falcon has actually no focus necessity.Soaring Falcon toolpointer does not display screen damage.Boot toolguideline does not display screen Basic Stance necessity.The level 55 passive ability Harmony displays incorrect text.Kung Fu MasterWay of the Iron ClawSoul Burn and Soul Flare’s Blackwing visual impact is current during Kung Fu Master’s third spec Wolf develops.All Wolf creates cannot be entered during Simple Combat Mode when Titan Stance is energetic.Dire Wolf is lacking "Increases Critical Damage by 15%" in its toolguideline as soon as Triple Threat is allowed.Quest tracking for Chapter 7 in the Temple of Succession quest line is not exact.WarlockNether Pulse does not job-related effectively as soon as supplied.WardenJuggernautdoes not mitigate the cooldown of Blade Ward.Legendary Soul Badge Sword Salvodoes not alleviate cooldown of Divine Strikein straightforward combat mode.WarlockWarlock Demoncaller Soul Shield 3 collection bonus damages to Temporal Collapse is not used.DestroyerReaper Destroyer Scar debuff is not lowering PvP defense by 1000.AssassinRMB UI does not appear for Assassin while in Simple Mode.Character Info (F2)Heptagonal Obsidian has actually missing text in the description and also does not show up properly in F2.Skyrift Mystic Badge grants Wind Focus when making use of Sunder in the Thundering Blade spec.Default color of "Special Forces" costume was adjusted from green to babsence.Kung-Fu MasterEmpire Mystic Badge"s Dragonflare skill does not Pierce Parry.WarlockVampiric Drain skill receives Extortion talent buff even as soon as it is not selected.Draining Soul talent offers unintended Hex Storm bonus.Scourge spec has actually multiple ability with incorrect damage.Blade DancerBoot ability also uses knock down when it cancels defense.SummonerSunburst skill screens incorrect spreading area.Raven Bracers, Aransu Bracers and Grand also Celestial Bracers Enhance an Incorrect Skill.Quest Journal display screens incorrect Weekly Quest recollection time.