File Name:Blaster Master (USA).zip
Genre:Run and gun
Year of release:1988

Important!! In order to be able to play this game you need an emulator installed. See the full list of available Nintendo Entertainment System emulators for this game.

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Blaster Master ROM Download for NES

It"s a run and gun platform video game released for Nintendo Entertainment System by Sunsoft. The game revolves around a boy named Jason who follows his dog Fred to a hole in the Earth. There he comes across a tank and with its use, battles the radioactive mutants. You will control Jason and the tank- Sophia the third to find the location of Fred and defeat Plutonium boss, leader of the mutants, through the eight levels of the gameplay. The game received positive reviews for its level designs, smooth gameplay and clean graphics. Blaster Master is considered as one of the original games for the NES that has a successful combination of the genres of overhead exploration and side-scrolling action. The best aspect of the game is the player able to gain powers from defeated bosses.


Jason has a limited collection of abilities for the tank like it can move horizontally, jump high, use special attacks after finding ammunition, and fire shots from its cannon. As the game moves forward, Jason defeats the boss at each level and obtains new abilities for the tank. Each upgrade gives a unique style of gameplay. Jason can leave the tank and explore the surroundings, but his attacks are weak if he"s outside the tank. There are some areas where Jason has to hop out of the tank and look around for hidden doors; then the game changes into an overhead mode. In this mode, Jason can use either his grenades or gun to hit the targets. Many of these hidden doors serve as zones to power up Jason, but one entry contains the level boss. After Jason defeats a boss, he gets the ability to access the next level. Like most of the NES games, the controls are straightforward; however, in some levels, the control is a bit more challenging.

Best Emulator for Blaster Master

You will need anNESemulator to play this game. Let"s take a look at some of the best emulators for this game.

RetroArch- RetroArch is a highly compatible, free and open-source emulator, you can run any game without problems.FCEUX- it"s one of the best NES emulators that is an all-in-one emulator and offers excellent precision, and a host of advanced features.Nestopiais another one of the most used excellent NES emulators. It"s an open-source emulator for Windows, macOS or Linux, and very easy to use.

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