Saturday, June 4th 2016 is the 2nd annual Blaze ‘N’ Glory festival, presented by Synergy Global Entertainment & Live Nation, at the San Manuel Amphitheater & Fairgrounds in San Bernardino, The golden state.

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The festival is headlined by hip hop legfinish Nas. Also perdeveloping are a selection of good acts in the hip hop, reggae & even indie civilization such as: Atmospbelow, The Growlers, Stephen Marley, Griz, Prof, Hirie, Seedless, Radical Somepoint & Black Salt Tone. Blaze ‘N’ Glory will certainly also feature over 100 various sellers which variety from carnival rides, craft beer to also food trucks just to name a couple of.

The festival will have actually LIMITED basic admission seating and also tickets are now obtainable at:

Tright here are likewise VIP packperiods obtainable via the details below:

KUSH Pass Early Bird: $169

VIP Lounge Early Bird: $149

The Premium KUSH VIP Package includes: 1 VIP admission ticket, designated fast pass entry lane right into the venue, VIP laminate, Exclusive Blaze ‘N’ Glory 2016 poster, accessibility to a VIP viewing platcreate providing the best see and also sound in the house, and access to the KUSH VIP Lounge.

The KUSH VIP Lounge will feature free choose beer, snacks, candy and Rockstar water (while provides last), a VIP cash bar, exclusive restrooms, and comfortable locations to sit and also relax.

The VIP Lounge Package includes: 1 VIP admission ticket, designated quick pass entry lane into the venue, VIP laminate, Exclusive Blaze ‘N’ Glory 2016 poster, and also accessibility to the KUSH VIP Lounge.

Please note: This VIP Package does not give access to the VIP viewing platdevelop.

For full details on the Blaze ‘N’ Glory lineup and also tickets, visit

Blaze ‘N’ Glory is a short drive from Los Angeles County, Oarray County, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucchild, San Diego, the San Joaquin Valley, and many type of even more cities in the Southwestern U.S.

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We hope to check out you all at Blaze ‘N’ Glory, to suffer the excellent artists and the eclectic variety of merchants. We will be tright here suffering it ourselves and also giving The New Fury coverage.

Check out this footage of Ice T & Bodycount tearing up the stage at last year’s Blaze ‘N’ Glory in 2015!