I review a little bit of it on a tumblr short article a while ago, and also remember a couple points (Lisa wanted Iemura for Vice but Iba had taken him, etc.) however I'm assuming it's complete now? Could someone list any of the significant points (the happenings in Soul Society, how the new captains became if that's addressed, how the couples acquired together, just how important characters reacted, what personalities were doing during the final battle that we didn't view, various other character moments, etc.) of the novel? There's a grasp article of that type for Can't Fear Your Own World I think however I haven't viewed one for Knot.

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Aizen, I desire my soul ago
Orihime was the incentive for Ichika's name. Her favorite flowers are strawberry flowers (which actually has nopoint to carry out with Ichigo) and she made Rukia a strawberry freduced veil for her wedding or somepoint like that.

She dropped out of college because of money concerns. She works for a Bakery.

She and also Riruka are Bffs now. Riruka has end up being really Tsundere for Orihime.

It seems for Rukia her connection with Orihime is the one she cherishes the many.

Ichigo asked Orihime out after Rukia's wedding.

Ichigo and also Uryuu are university buddies. Both research medication.

Isshin probably left when Ichigo finiburned university.

Ryuken pays for Uryuu's research studies. But beyond that Uryuu suspiciously prevents what his father is approximately.

Isshin wanted to consult Rukia after Kaien's death, yet had never before the courage to carry out so.

Rukia's captain haori was initially intended to be Kaien's.

Tbelow is now social organization for the bad in Rukongai. Was started by Shunsui and also the little girl from C46, that likes Kira.

C46 shed fifty percent of its members many thanks to Shaz. Many type of then resigned and also just the a lot of brave and gradual remained.

Kira's undead life is one of pain and also agony. The hole in his chest wasn't closed bereason of warm regulation, however Mayuri solved that worry. He indicates oil occasionally(?). He teaches at the academy. Thanks to a misunderstanding Sui-feng believes he and also Yoruichi had an affair in the teacher's lounge. She didn't react well.

Yoruichi teaches additionally. She stays in the Seretei. She doesn't visit the humale human being anyeven more and also sends out Sui-feng whenever she requirements something. She also only rarely talks to Urahara.

Urahara for suspicious factors was unable to attfinish the wedding.

Yachiru is Kenpachi's Zanpakto spirit.

Due to the fact that she disappeared and also Nemu's dead, the Shinigami's woguys association disbanded.

Soul Society remained in complete damages.

They shed 3000 males, which is half of their manpower. Many high ranking officers died.

Tbelow is currently a internship system for the academy.

Komamura's nephews are component of it.

Komamura is a wolf and also can't sheight. He stays in the hills through his household. Officially he is KIA.

Omaeda is in the diamond business. Komamura's clan are mining them. He pays them well and does the occasional favor for them (prefer smuggling civilization inside the wall).

Mashiro safeguarded the academy throughout the invasions.

Rangiku damaged the debris from Gerard's fight, so that it won't loss right into the Seretei.

Yhwach is the brand-new Soul King. Ichibee came soon after his death, sealed his corpse inside numerous barriers and paraded him to the Cocoon palace. It's also probably how Aizen obtained sealed aobtain. Ichibee would certainly never before let him go.

The blood war was called the Great Soul King Protection War. Officially Squad Zero defeated Yhwach and properly protected the Soul King. Most civilization believe the propaganda and also think the Soul King never died. Those that know what happened via Yhwach are not happy and the first sparks of rebellion ignited and they (like Kira and Yoruichi) start to question what else is simply fabricated lies.

It's kinda ambiguous how dead Yhwach truly is. For a corpse he appears to be as well alive.

Marriage for high ranking soldiers and nobles is a bureaucratic mess.

Nemu's sister was born approximately 3 years after the war. Ichika probably four years and also Kazui probably 6 years.

Tatsuki is an instructor at the dojo. And given that tbelow supplied to be rumors a year earlier, I'm gonna state it best now. She and Keigo are not dating. Tatsuki probably doesn't also swing that means.

Riruka is a designer at Yukio's agency. Jackie functions tright here as well and also helps 3rd people nations. Yukio is additionally Chad's sponsor. That little is from the manga, but it gained shed in translation.

Iemura is Iba's vice captain. Lisa doesn't have actually a vice captain, because the only suitable perboy (Yumichika) doesn't desire to. The third seat guy with the ugly hair is vice captain of Squad 13.

Isane kbrand-new that Unohans was the Kenpachi. She misses her a lot and it's again implied that her partnership through Unohans wasn't just platonic (one more book stated that she was deeply in love through her).

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Her sister is great in medical kiexecute and was in Squad 13 so that Unohana didn't have actually as well tend Ukitake 24/7. She aided Isane through her grief, because both shed the perkid they loved.