Replace the sinking emotion with, y"know, actual sinking by learning how to reach underwater chests in Bloodstained: ritual of the Night.

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How to acquire Alkahest in Bloodstained: ritual of the Night

Learn exactly how to gain Alkhest for this reason you can dismantle all the unwanted gear into advantageous parts because that crafting in Bloodstained: routine of the Night.


Like any great Metroidvania title, Bloodstained: routine of the Night often tantalizes you with paths and also items that lie just out of her reach until you attain a later power. One of the greatest teases top top this front space the underwater chests that are dotted around the sunken parts of the castle. Even when you first gain the option to swim underwater, you’ll discover them frustratingly Unobtainable. Don’t worry, you will have the ability to reach underwater chests in Bloodstained: ritual of the Night, yet it probably won’t be for some time.

How to with underwater chests in Bloodstained

If you want to reach underwater chests climate you"ll need to swim a bit much better than that, Miriam. © ArtPlay

The only means to reach underwater chests in Bloodstained: ritual of the Night is by obtaining the Deep Sinker Shard. This isn’t a Shard that’s held by any specific demon, rather you’ll need to progress to and through the concealed Desert to uncover it. If girlfriend haven’t got to that yet, shot not come think about any submerged chests for now as you’ve gained some occupational ahead the you. If you don’t want and also boss spoilers, we indicate you stop reading now.

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To acquire the Deep Sinker Shard so the you have the right to reach underwater chests, you very first need to play with the surprise Desert and also defeat Alfred, the boss of the area. When he’s defeated, leave the boss room via the door you entered and ride the elevator down one level. Make your means right here and you’ll discover the Deep Sinker Shard waiting for you. Through equipping this shard you deserve to now go back to the Forbidden Underwater Passkatifund.orge and also sink down right into the depths to with the chests you need.

Now the you know how to reach underwater chests in Bloodstained: ritual of the Night, you can continue with the game’s key story. If you’re spring for much more guides, take it a look in ~ our list of all tools in the game, or discover our just how to get and view Techniques!

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