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Towers of Twin Dragons

Towers of Twin Dragons

When you make it to the Towers of Twin Dragons, proceed up the tower and also go inside of it. Continue up and also left till you reach the room with the three Poltergeists in it. Earlier, we couldn’t go up however currently that we have actually Double Jump, we deserve to continue our trek via the Towers of Twin Dragons.


Head up the platdevelops near the Poltergeists and also go left. Climb up onto the moving equipment and also duck to stop taking heavy damage from the spikes. Exit out the best side and also you’ll be earlier exterior the tower. Now, to gain to wright here we’re heading, simply continue up the route until you walk with a doormethod and back into the tower.

If you want, tright here are quite a few drop offs that Miriam can go dvery own to open up up blue chests with ingredients and more. Feel cost-free to perform that as you’d favor and also as soon as you’re ready to proceed, climb earlier up the major route and head for the inside of the tower.


Inside the tower, head right, hop onto the gears and also go left. When you reach a wall to the left, strike it to obtain an MP Max Up. After this, jump up onto the platcreates to go to the next location.

Up here, tright here are some Poltergeists and a brand-new adversary dubbed a Shield Outsider. Simply hop over this enemy and strike it from behind to kill it. After that, head right into the room on the left to find a stained glass portal.


After inspecting the portal, leave the room and also this time, go ideal. The following hallway through have actually a green chest through a Special Ammunitions Recipe in it. After picking that up, head appropriate. In the following room is a lever that you have to inspect. Upon doing so, you’ll unlock a lift that have the right to take you earlier to the beginning of the Towers of Twin Dragons area. Ignore that for now and also proceed to the ideal.

In the following room, there is a bookcase you must examine to learn some even more backstory. Tbelow is also a blue chest with 100 gold inside. Continue ideal into a hallmeans through 3 Poltergeists in it. Take them out and enter the room on the right to discover a blue chest with an Emerald and Sapphire inside. After picking those up, go earlier into the Poltergeists room and also drop via the platcreate on the floor.

In this room, jump over to the ledge on the best and also attack the wall to acquire the Invisible Blade. From here, jump onto the gear relocating to the left and jump from it to a ledge to acquire a brown chest via a High Potion inside. After picking that up, permit yourself to loss down the platforms on the left and also take the gears to the best. Drop dvery own some even more platcreates and also ride the gears over the spikes on the ground. From here, acquire on the floor and take the stairs down.

Inspect the bookcase to learn the Helmsplitter method and then go ideal to discover a Save Room.


After you save, leave the Save Room and also head left with one door and left again with one more. In this room is a lever you deserve to communicate via to open up a shortcut that have the right to take you ago to the lift.

Head back to the room before the Save Room and also drop down via the floor. Go right and also assault the wall to obtain the Riding Halittle bit Armor. After that, go left, drop with the floor and also go appropriate to discover a boss door.

Here’s what your map need to look like after your return to the Towers of Twin Dragons.


Boss Fight: Valac


Soptimal to him and also bereason you have Identification, he’ll create for you a Passplate, which is an object we must open up the course to the next area, the Bridge of Evil.

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To gain to the following location, travel to the Garden of Silence stained glass portal. Then, jump up and also continue right until you reach the bottoma lot of best departure. This exit is best prior to the door that takes you to the Twin Dragons tower. Continue appropriate and you’ll go with a door that takes you to the following location of Bloodstained.