Being the fourth generation in the auto wash business, you deserve to be certain you space receiving the absolute best auto wash backed by year of acquired knowledge, experience, and also practices.

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Newest & Safest cleaning Technologies

The machines and the commodities that we usage to clean your auto are the recent in an innovation that consistently provides each customer through the safest and cleanest car washes.

Highly Rated client Service

As a family business, we strive to always provide superior customer company to every of ours patrons because nothing provides us happier 보다 seeing everyone fully satisfied.

Featured just at BLUE HIPPO.

The newest & the safest conveyor belt system.

It will certainly not damage your wheels and tires.

Our auto wash mechanism is safe for all vehicles.

Trucks & SUVs as much as 7 feet in height.

BLUE HIPPO auto Wash is the product of four generations in the auto wash industry. How many businesses execute you understand today can say that? Not really many. V that gift said, that is ours mission come treat everyone choose family, which consists of our exorbitant staff and patrons. At BLUE HIPPO, our mission is come consistently administer each patron v an unsurpassed level the service, remarkable wash, and total satisfaction.So come view the BLUE HIPPO difference for yourself.Your automobile will appreciate you for it!

Superior Service. Spotless Shine.

We love to see your automobile shine!

How execute we do it? From start to finish, we use nothing however the latest, greatest, and safest modern technologies from our machine to our clean products. You can rest assured the your automobile will constantly receive a superior and spotless carwash at BLUE HIPPO.


In order to effectively remove the overabundance dirt and also grime off of your vehicle, we prepare it v a Pre-Soak treatment.

Triple Foam Wash

Our revolutionary Triple Foam wash will have your automobile cleaner than ever with a shiny and also spotless shine.

Carnauba Wax

Derived native the pipeline of the Copernicia Prunifera Palm, this natural wax native Brazil will protect your vehicle"s optimal coat while offering it a beautiful and also bright shine.

Ultra Ceramic Coat

By including our Ultra Ceramic Coat, the will offer your vehicle"s exterior the ultimate defense it demands to weather any form of precipitation.

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