Hi, everyone. Welpertained to my blog. Many kind of human being ask me How to Mod Black Ops 2 PS3 no Jailbreak. So, males, after a long research study I uncovered a solution How to Mod Black Ops 2 PS3 no Jailbreak your consingle with USB. Now I can conveniently to say you. You yes, can conveniently BO2 mod menu PS3 no Jailbreak no password no survey. Many type of human being say Mod Black Ops 2 no Jailbreak yet they hide his PlayStation 3 consingle. But right here males I will certainly display you exactly how to mod PS3 Black Ops 2 via USB no Jailbreak No Survey. But before the start, I want to cover all the significant question answer which is asking me my many travellers. You just should download Red-EyeX32 BO2 Save Editor. So let’s obtain started.

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Concern answers:

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Q: Can I mod BO2 no Jailbreak?

A: Batguy v superman ultimate edition 4k downpack. Yes, you can mod BO2 “Black Ops 2” without Jailbreak your console. You simply have to follow the simple procedures and also you deserve to mod BO2 PS3 no Jailbreak with USB.

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Q: Do I should Jailbreak my console for the BO2 mod menu?

A: This question answer is extremely basic. If already jailbroken your consingle. Then you have 2 method to mod your PS3 BO2. If you can’t Jailbreak your console and also still want to Mod BO2 through USB. Then you can easily Mod BO2 without Jailbroken your consingle.

Q: Do I need to bypass survey for the BO2 mod menu?

A: As I stated in my all post. I know surveys are a mess and head pain. So, don’t issue about the survey. You no have to finish any type of survey for BO2 Mod Menu.


Q: Do I should examine compatibility list?

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A: No, you no have to examine the compatibility list. Since when we talk around the PS3 BO2 mod food selection. Then consingle model and also OFW variation it does not matter.

Q: Can I Mod BO2 OFW 4.81?

A: As I mentioned above. Consingle design and OFW variation carry out issue as soon as we talk about Babsence Ops 2 Mod Menu. Yes, You have the right to Mod BO2 4.81 OFW.

Q: Do I need to downgrade my console?

A: No, you no should downgrade your consingle. Due to the fact that it’s an easy trick which is work-related with your BO2 save game file.

Q: Will it occupational for me?

A: Yes, it will job-related 100%. Due to the fact that I self-test it through many kind of console models. Fat, slim and super slim functioning well to utilizing this trick.

Q: What carry out I need for BO2 Mod Menu?

A: first you need to have actually your game conserve file. Play a single stage of Babsence Ops 2 and copy conserve data to your USB stick. Then you need a software program referred to as name is Red-EyeX32 BO2 Save Editor and also a text file of codes.

Q: Do I need a password for BO2 Mod menu?

A: Yes, It can ask to your password for unzipping the file. Because the file is password safeguarded as a result of a defense reason. You have the right to usage this password: www.ps3jailbreakdownloadfree.com

Q: Still, I don’t understand exactly how to Mod Black Ops 2 PS3?

A: Don’t problem I am right here to aid you. Freely contact me on my Facebook page or leave a comment in the comment section. I will certainly happy to help you.

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How to mod babsence ops 2 ps3 via USB?Finish first phase of Babsence Ops 2 without mod BO2Plug your USB stick right into your PlayStation 3 consoleCopy your Babsence Ops 2 conserve file on your USB stickPlug your USB stick into your computerRun Red-EyeX32 BO2 Save EditorSelect Babsence Ops 2 save folderGo to Edit saveEnter the code from the message file. Which you want to applyGo to File>Save allUnplug your USB stick via safe modePlug your USB stick onto your PlayStation 3Copy saves file from USB stick to your PlayStation 3Press X to overcompose conserve file

Now you deserve to play Babsence Ops 2 and also watch the transforms. Your console has been Mod Black Ops2 no Jailbreak. So, let’s talk around exactly how you deserve to examine it’s working or not. I hope you enter all the codes. Just play the game and also move your R-stick and also see your player rate. If your player running extremely quick. It’s expect it’s working well. You no must Jailbreak your console for Mod BO2.

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Summary:- I hope guys, this write-up helps you to mod BO2 PS3 through USB no Jailbreak. If still, you have actually any type of question around this topic. So, please perform not hesitate to ask or share via us. We will be happy to resolve your trouble. You have the right to always contact me making use of call us web page. Like my Facebook web page and also subscribe to my newsletter for the future updays.

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