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Body services by Body photo Gentle bath Pouf creates a well-off lather v premium netting tenderness for day-to-day cleansing. Body benefits by Body picture is the thoughtfully designed bathtub essentials brand that helps you achieve radiant, confident, entirety body beauty beauty -- so friend feel all set to shine, native head to toe, every single day.


ModelConsumer article HeightConsumer items WidthConsumer article LengthConsumer Product volume Or VolumeConsumer LifestageHypoallergenicShipping By waiting ProhibitedAdvertised OriginCapacity/VolumeConsumer items WeightFabric Or product DescriptionBrandWidthDispenser TypeWeightDepthCare InformationHeightLengthUsed For
All Ages
Body Benefits
4.75 Inch
Without Dispenser
.19 Ounce
8 Inch
4.75 Inch
The soft, complete body netting the this tenderness pouf creates a well-off lather, offering the consumer a full-body cleanse, from head to toe.

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