You may have actually heard story from her grandparents around how pack aluminum foil approximately their rabbit ear antennas was the only means to obtain a decent TV signal.

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But walk it actually work?

Will it aid you this particular day if you room having negative signal problems?

Well, the prize is….maybe. It relies on her setup. Read on to learn more about making use of aluminum foil to boost your TV signal.


There are plenty of reasons why an out antenna may not be feasible for you come install. So countless of us resort come an at home antenna.

If you are using indoor rabbit ears style or other species of at home antenna climate using aluminum foil may indeed boost your signal.

Unfortunately, there is no precise guide you deserve to follow the will give you an enhanced TV signal. It really is a matter of trying various things to check out what works for your situation.

But, right here are a couple of things to shot to view if aluminum silver paper can assist boost your TV signal.

Note: all these approaches require trial and also error. What works for one person, may not work-related for you. The scientific research behind antennas is very an exact and girlfriend may uncover that foil just does not help you in ~ all.

Wrap Surfaces with Aluminum Foil

The very first thing friend can shot is wrapping the steel surfaces the the antenna through 2-3 layers of aluminum foil.

This rises the surface ar area that the antenna and also can sometimes assist in picking up a more powerful signal.

This an approach really is hit and miss – friend may obtain lucky the very first time and improve the characteristics of your antenna, or you might actually do it worse – so keep trying different things.

Extend or broaden Antenna Elements

This is comparable to the over method, but instead that just enhancing the surface area of the antenna v foil you can shot actually lengthening the elements.

You could need to usage some tape to secure it on, however just make certain that the foil itself is poignant the metal elements of the antenna.

You have the right to also try folding piece of foil and taping them to the aspects to make the aspects wider. As soon as again, usage tape come secure it come the elements – always making sure that you acquire a good connection from the foil to the antenna elements.

Create a Reflector

If you know the direction where your TV signal is sent indigenous (this site could help), climate you can develop a ‘reflector’ out of aluminum foil and also place that behind your antenna – on the side opposite to where the signal istransfer .

You can shot creating it the end of only foil, or you deserve to use a piece of cardboard or similar to form it.

Ideally, you desire the reflector to edge in slightly so the ‘focuses’ the signal onto the antenna.

This shows the signal earlier onto the antenna and also may help.

It should likewise be provided though, that this method can also cause additional problems – therefore it really is a trial and error.

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So together you have the right to see, there is no sure method to boost your tv signal utilizing aluminum foil.

But there are a few things girlfriend can try to watch if you do get an improvement. An excellent luck!