Your goal now is to find an AI core that Jack needs, but Janey doesn’t have one. However, she does know someone that likely has actually the Dahl AI core, that goes through the surname of Davis Pickle and is camping the end in Outlands Canyon. The trouble is the the only way to acquire there will require you to acquire a Stingray.

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Head come Triton Flats and to the main area the the northern part to uncover a garage. Inside, you’ll clues a locked door and some numbers off to the appropriate of it. Janey will chime in and say the mix is “8008,” an interpretation you’ll need to readjust the number by pushing the arrows come the left or best of those numbers.


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Just entry the numbers making use of the arrows ~ above the left and also right, then push the button to open up the door.

When the numbers room in order, push the button by the door to open it, then ar the scrambler ~ above the console. With that in place, you have the right to now generate a Stingray, so do that and ride to the waypoint. The Stingray is maybe to float in the air, comparable to you, as well as slam the ground. You must jump turn off the ramp to clear the chasm, permitting you accessibility to Outlands Canyon.

Finding Pickle¶

On your method to the waypoint, i m sorry is Pickle’s location, you’ll it is in fighting through plenty the enemies, including Torks and of course, Scavs. The Torks space probably much more problematic 보다 the Scavs, because you’ll have Spitters and also the various other ones that can burrow underground and also launch you when they come above ground.

Once you with Pickle, speak to him and he’ll cite that you deserve to probably get one indigenous the Drakensburg, i beg your pardon is run by the Bosun and Skipper. The only problem is the it’s no going to it is in easy gaining the AI, as you’re going to should fight your means through the place. He’ll open up up a route to the Outlands Spur area, so usage the exit adjacent to go there.

The Drakensburg Schmakensburg¶

As you undertaking into the new area, you’ll notification a new type of Kraggon, cryo-elemental ones. Castle moreorless role the same, back the large ones deserve to shoot icicles at you rather of fireballs. Another thing you’ll find out is that the waypoint is across a pretty decent-sized gap, so you’ll require to uncover a method across.

There’s a jump pad you can use to cross, yet you aren’t maybe to find a means inside the building. Well, the front door will open very soon, therefore wander roughly the area in front until some adversaries appear. Death them all and a second wave will present up, including a brand-new enemy, a Scav that will be talk a Kraggon.

This enemy functions similar to the regular Kraggons, where they will split up right into smaller persons upon death, which has the Scav speak on peak (unless you death the Scav first). Also, it is in on the lookout because that Armored Outlaws, due to the fact that they take much more damage than usual, uneven you have corrosive damage on hand.


Go with the previously locked door and clear the area that enemies, climate attempt to cross the bridge, just for the Skipper come retract it, halting her progress. Pickle mentions there gift an override the bridge controls, so head to it and push the button, only to have actually the Bosun actually damage the bridge now.

Of course, Pickle has one more plan, i beg your pardon is come dump methane to cool under the lava so you deserve to cross it. To acquire to the controls, go out the surrounding door and drop down to the walkway below. Rotate the valve just to have actually no methane come out. Pickle mentions the you’ll need to go come the pumping station in order to rotate on the methane.

Pumping Station¶

The pumping station is ago in the first area, so you’ll must use a run pad to with the area, then you can start your lengthy trek come the station. Walk to the front gate, only to check out it it is in locked and some turrets appear. Luckily, there’s a door ~ above the ideal side you have the right to go through, i m sorry leads into the plant.

Have some fun with the adversaries in the first area, then start making your means towards the waypoint. Usage the console to activate the pumping station, then you’ll need to discover a way to redirect the flow. Head to the next area and also fight with the plethora that enemies, including opponent jetfighters.

The valve you’re trying to find is at the really top, for this reason you’ll require to discover some run pads that’ll enable you to obtain up there. As soon as you with it, revolve it and then head earlier to the one valve you supplied to shot and relax methane. This time, however, it will certainly work and freeze the lava, permitting you come cross and also move to the Pity’s autumn area.


Pitys Fall¶

The adversaries you’ll be fighting indigenous this point on will certainly be human, so something choose a fire-elemental weapon will certainly be good. Make your method to the entrance of the Drakensburg, minding the Scavs and also two turrets in ~ the entrance, climate head inside. As soon as there, head through the doorway on the left and also into the Core solution area.

When you method the waypoint, Bosun will put up a forcefield to block your progression. After part conversation, he’ll generate a few enemies, among which is a badass Outlaw. Kill them all and also you’ll acquire some chatter with the Skipper, who turns out is transforming against the Bosun, although he doesn’t quite know it yet.

She’ll open a door for you on the 2nd level, i m sorry leads back outside. Struggle your way to the next checkpoint, which will put you in the Hangar only area. Don’t forget to keep an eye on her oxygen level while friend fight through more Scavs to obtain to the following waypoint.

There’s a course in the leftmost portion of this area, the leads to 2 jump pads that go up a shaft, pass you to the Engine Room. Your an initial task is to go to the regulate panel and collection the engines to maximum power. After Pickle go his thing, you’ll have to look towards the optimal of the room and also shoot the red point that is the circulation regulator.


Head to the platform in the direction of the top and use the regulate panel to reveal the following thing you must shoot, i m sorry will need you to run a little bit in order come hit it. Now, there’s a walkway top top the western side the leads to the next control panel. As soon as everyone finishes talking, uncover the horizontal obelisk in the middle of the room.

On the one end is an opened on the side, allowing you come travel through the shaft. Run to the western walkway, then climb the ladder come a big room the will at some point lead you back outside. Use the jump pad come continue, climate the Bosun will sick Poopdeck ~ above you, only for that to accomplish a quick death.

You’ll finish up in a room that looks prefer a dead end, however there’s a feet in the floor that allows you come drop down. Kill the enemies, then find an additional spot whereby you deserve to drop down, obtaining you come the regulate panel that will deactivate the obstacle from earlier. Go with where the obstacle was and also kill the last team of enemies in your means before the boss.

There will be some jump pads that cause the top, wherein you’ll find some vending machines. Make sure you optimal out her ammo and health, then usage the elevator to walk down and also meet the Bosun, face to face.

Boss: The Bosun¶

The Bosun deserve to be an stroked nerves boss, because he has four things that will certainly regenerate his shields, three of which room on the main platform and also another hanging from the ceiling. Friend will desire to destroy all of these first, so girlfriend don’t waste ammo on shooting the Bosun, only to have actually his shield come back. You can easily see where the points are, due to the fact that they connect to him through a beam.


It’s best to leave the opponents alone, together you can use them if friend go down to obtain a second Wind, unless they’re increase in your challenge (like the Lunatics). Together for the Bosun, he has actually lasers and also a weapon top top the bottom of his chair that can cause burning damage, and rockets the can cause Shock.

The Bosun can put rather a hurting ~ above you, but you can likely stick come the bottom floor to avoid some the his attacks, choose the rockets. Through the things regenerating his shields down, the Bosun shouldn’t last too long, as long as friend have strong weapons.

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Head come the door significant on her map and press the button to open up it up, letting you right into the AI hub. Together it transforms out, the Skipper is the armed forces grade AI you have been trying to find this whole time. Open up the door bring about the AI and also grab it, finishing the mission.