The A Balanced Approach Trial is a Trial in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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This web page has the walkthrough/solution to the A Balanced Approach Puzzle.


Recommfinished Runes



Head throughout the room ot wright here the braziers are, going over to the left.Turn approximately and also look back toward the entrance.On the lower end of this situation, you will view a large wooden box.This will certainly reduced the other end of the scale, underneath the spikes.Go ago onto the landing with the braziers and also usage the Small Key to open the locked door there.This will provide Link access to 3 Large Metal Blocks which he will certainly should get the second chest and also reach the Monk.Go over to the inverted scale on the right-hand side of the room, if you are dealing with the enattempt suggest.Use 1 of the Metal Blocks to lower the inverted range arm on the same side as the entrance.Grab the Metal Block and slide it underneath the range arm and also collection it down by the stairs.This creates a platform that gives Link accessibility to the lowered range arm.Climb onto the lowered arm utilizing the Metal Block.This will certainly "lower" the other arm, giving access to the high ledge over Link.Either climb back onto the scale arm, rerelocating the Metal Block on the far side.Head earlier to the various other scale, it is time to obtain to the Monk.Grab 1 of the Metal Blocks and also location it on the elevated finish of the scale.This will raise the various other side up right into the spikes.Set the Metal Block on this lowered platdevelop.Link requirements to area 2 Metal Blocks onto the increased finish of the range, 1 prior to he stands on the lowered end and one after to lift him up. The Metal Block on the same platdevelop as Link will stop him from getting crushed by the spikes and provide him accessibility to the Monk.

Strategy Guide/Tips

Careful use of the Magnesis Rune can make this a fairly straightforward Shrine to solve.

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Video Walkthrough

A Balanced Approach Video Walkthrough

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