This is a guide to the Shrine Quest, Stranded on Eventide, in Legend that Zelda: Breath the the Wild. Here you can uncover the quest walkthrough, wherein to begin Stranded on Eventide and also all pursuit rewards.

How to start Stranded top top Eventide

Stranded top top Eventide Location

quest Giver ar
Eventide Island

Stranded top top Eventide Walkthrough

Guide Overview


Head come Eventide Island
Gather the Orbs
Place the Orbs
Head come Eventide Island
Head come Eventide Island eastern of Soka Point. You deserve to use the Cryonis rune to develop platforms resulting in the island.

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Head to Tenoko Island(Optional)
Optional: Head come Tenoko Island east of Loshlo Harbor. Girlfriend can find a raft and a Korok sheet on the island and also use it to sail come Eventide Island.

Unequip Weapons
Before friend swim to the shore, unequip the weapons you desire to use. This allows you choose them up even after the voice takes all of your weapons and armor away.

Gather the Orbs

Gather the orbs Search the island because that the orbs.

Orb 1 - On height of a Bokoblin camp eastern of the island.

Place the Orbs

Place the orbs Place all the orbs ~ above the base to complete the shrine quest. before placing the critical orb top top the pedestal, unequip all the tools you desire to store to choose them up later.

Pedestal 1 - phibìc of Eventide Island. Usage the Cryonis rune to produce a platform underneath the orb. Rise the platform the litter the orb in the direction of the pedestal.


Stranded on Eventide search Rewards


Complete the shrine pursuit to unlock the Korgu Chideh Shrine.

Adventure log in Entries

This is a complete list of the Adventure log in entries for Stranded ~ above Eventide.

entrance Entry text
Quest Start Upon showing up on Eventide Island, a voice speak of a an obstacle and then took every one of your weapons and armor away. If you offer priceless orbs to each of the 3 altars top top the island, the voice has promised to return her things.
Quest Clear Once you readily available precious orbs to every of the 3 altars on the island, an old shrine appeared.As it did, someone"s voice spoke to you and all your devices was returned.

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