South Park The fractured But Wholereceived another piece that story DLC this particular day calledBring The Crunch. In this new DLC the south Park gang heads off to Lake Tardicaca whereby things conveniently turn into a nightmare. To assist you navigate Lake Tardicaca (and the Bring The Crunch DLC in general) I’ve put together thisBring The Crunchguide below. Let’s obtain started candlestick we?Note: This overview is right now being updated.

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You can discover the Bus Stop near your home in southern Park.
The carry The Crunch DLC can be accessed via the south Park Bus Stop.

Before we dive right into theBring The CrunchDLC, let’s first establish just how you go about accessing it. Choose previous DLCs inSouth Park The fractured But Whole, theBring The CrunchDLC have the right to be accessed through heading to theSouth Park Bus Stop. The Bus Stop can be found in south Park along the street to the west of her house. At the Bus stop DLC station you can pick which DLC you great to access. In our case we want to access theBring The CrunchDLC, so select it from the prompt. As soon as you carry out this, you will be required to the Bring The CrunchDLC location.

Bus prevent – Report come Lake Tardicaca

First prevent in the DLC is the Loomis Gas Station. Over there isn’t a ton below besides lootables and a vendor.
When ready, continue to the left in the direction of Lake Tardicaca.

When you arrive at the begin of the Bring The CrunchDLC, you will certainly be placed in the Bus prevent out prior of Loomis Gasoline. In this area girlfriend will find a variety of lootable containers and a Vending Machine:

Lunch bag in Bus Stop.Lock box by the end of stimulate Gas Pump.Backpack in trees to the best of environment-friendly Truck (Spirit board consumable).Box by Red Gas tank behind Old Mechanic.Backpack in tree to the left of the Welcome come Lake Tardicaca sign.Backpack in trees across pathway come the left the the Lake Tardicaca sign.

Once you’ve looted every the containers head to the next area i m sorry is come the Left (follow the red arrows on and beside the Welcome to Lake Tardicaca sign).

Lake Tardicaca

When you arrive in Camp Tardicaca, girlfriend will view a brief cutscene.
Interact v the bloody wall of the Showers to proceed the key storyline.

When you leaving Loomis Gasoline, you will reach Camp Tardicaca which islocated top top Lake Tardicaca. Top top entering Lake Tardicaca girlfriend will trigger a cutscene which to adjust the stage for the DLCs story. Likewise during this cutscene you will fulfill Mintberry Crunch (AKA Bradley Biggle), a new hero that is automatically included to your party. ~ the cutscene friend will have the ability to look around Lake Tardicaca. There’s a variety of lootables in this area i m sorry I will certainly list below:

Bag by tree at ideal of enntrance gate (stay along the exterior of the logs). Containts the Spiral Braids haircut.Bloody backpack to the ideal of entrance.Grade institution Avenger Lunch crate laying on log in to the left the entrance.Bloody Backpack by tree alongside Showers.Paper having lunch bag next to Butters.Thermos and also Backpack through fire in prior of chaos Hall.Cooler next to picnic table to the left of chaos Hall.

After you’ve gathered the loot, do your means over come the Showers and inspect the bloody wall/axe found there. Act this will cause the next objective, “Meet Fastpass in the Misty Forest“. The Misty woodland is located to the appropriate of Camp Tardicaca.


Before you deserve to reach The Misty Forest, you need to finish a quick Haywire puzzle.

Before girlfriend can obtain to The Misty forest you will need to finish a quick Haywire puzzle. All you should do below is shooting the electric panel v a firecracker and then usage Haywire’s capability to turn off the electricity. When clear you can proceed heading come the right.

The Misty Forest


When you enter The Misty Forest, girlfriend will watch a pair of friends.

Upon beginning The Misty Forest, friend will watch both Fastpass and Mintberry Crunch standing close to a bloody object. Go up to the object and also inspect that to create a fight v some Monsters. This fight serves as a rapid tutorial for making use of Mintberry Crunch. About halfway with the fight, friend will create a spontaneous Bootay, which basically way you need to run because that a cabin during the fight. When at the cabin, girlfriend will cause a brand-new sequence which involves grabbing part wepaons if Bootay is breaking in.

Cabin – uncover Weapons come Beat the Monsters


After running from Bootay, you will certainly wind up in a cabin. Right here you will need to collect 4 weapons come advance.

Inside the cabin you have to grab four weapons to assist fight the monsters. Before we dive right into completing the objective, let’s prey a little first. There room a variety of items that deserve to be plunder in the cabin therefore let’s take a look at what lock are:

Toolbox beneath old gloves on workbench.Toolbox ~ above workbench (pause time and also climb ladder to acquire at it).Cabinet to the best of step ladder (pause time come reach).

With the lootables out of the way, let’s take all 4 weapons. To development you must grab the Axe, Hedge Clippers, Circular Saw, and also the Sledgehammer. Come grab each weapon, check out the quick guides below.

How to obtain The Axe?

Use the steps below to grab the Axe.

Move the ladder to the left beside the clamp. Shoot the Axe through a firecracker to get it to autumn onto the workbench. Shoot the damaged shelf over the bear trap to create it. Rise the ladder and grab the Axe (Mission Item).

How to obtain The Hedge Clippers?
Shoot the Hedge Clippers under then use the ladder come grab them.

Shoot the Hedge Clippers v fire crackers to do them fall onto the work-related bench.Pause time and also move the ladder come the appropriate until the is underneath the Hedge Clippers. Pause time and also climb the ladder and also grab the Hedge Clippers (Mission Item).

How to obtain The one Saw?
The Circular experienced is situated in the height right edge of the shed.
You will need to make your means up come the Circular observed to take it.

Hit the Turpentine with a firecracker therefore it lights on fire. Use a fart to blow up package the Circular experienced is on resulting in it come fall. Shoot the hardwood holding increase the 2×8 to do a ramp as much as the Circular saw (Mission Item).

How to gain The Sledgehammer?
Use the shelves to with the Sledgehammer.
The Sledgehammer is one of 4 weapons you have to collect.

First increase you are gonna want to stop time and also move the ladder to the left (away native the electricity), so girlfriend can accessibility the workbench. Before climbing up, knockdown the shelf on the appropriate so you create a ramp approximately the top of the toolbox. Climb the ladder and also the ramp and also stand on the toolbox. Turning back time for this reason the shelf return to its original position and also shoot the right side of it so friend can access the higher shelf. Walk across the shelf and also grab the Sledge Hammer (Mission Item).

Once you have all the weapons, speak to Fastpass to unlock the final Girl class. Through the new class unlocked, make your means out the the Cabin to face the Monsters, cause a cutscene, and start an additional battle. This fight serves as a tutorial for the final Girl class. Perfect the fight earns friend the Jack O’ Suit, Jack O’ Head, and also the Super Sleuth Merit Badge. Once this fight is finish you can head come the Mess Hallto meet Timothy.

Before girlfriend head earlier to the chaos Hall, there room a couple of lootables you can grab follow me the way in The Misty Forest. These lootables are all viewable native the pathway and also they encompass theTardi Cap(Costume).

Mess hall – find the lacking Counsellors

On the way to the Mess room you will view a follow of blood.
Inside the Mess hall there’s nothing but death.

When girlfriend arrive back in Camp Tardicaca, you will certainly be met by Butters and also a totality ton of blood. Head towards the mess Hall and also you will be triggered to take a selfie through a ghost (for a sidequest). Take a selfie through the ghost and also continue to the chaos Hall. Inside the Mess room you will trigger a cutscene featuring a really dead counsellor. This root cause the following objective i m sorry is come “Find the absent Counselors”. To execute this we need to search both the shower head Building and also the burial Grounds. Due to the fact that its close, let’s begin with the shower Building.

Shower Building

The an initial stop we will make while in search of the Counselors is the Showers.Inside the Showers you are in because that a gruesome surprise.

Inside the Shower structure you will discover a Counselor and also get struck by part Monsters. Loss the monsters to finish the search the Shower building objective. Before you leave, let’s loot!

Cabinet underneath sink.Gym bag ~ above bench near Caution wet floor sign.Laundry hamper on bench near open grate.Bag in shower head stall left that counsellor’s stall (Tardi Suit).3x mind pieces ~ above floor, roof, and mirror.

After collecting all of these items you can leave the Shower structure or head under the open up grate into the Old Mines. If you do get in the Old Mines, it is in warned the you have to complete the area together there is no way back up to the surface ar until you do.

Optional: Old Mine

Make your way below the Showers to with the Old Mines. This area is optional.

Inside the Old Mine is a ton of loot and also a ghost. Let’s take a look in ~ everything found in this area.

Chest contempt left of whereby you fell.Ghost alongside light.Box next to ghost.Treasure Chest in former of save Out authorize (Manic chaos Wig).

Once you’ve gathered every one of this, make your method to the bridge and also push the minecart top top it. Ruin the bridge to cause the minecart to fall into the water, enabling you to reach the various other side. ~ above the other side you have the right to move the box (access the backpack beside it to obtain theBush Hat)with the crack in it beside the GTP crate to do a staircase up. Climb the staircase and go increase the ladder. Shooting the higher ladder down so you have the right to grab it and also climb as much as the Haunted Bird Cage. Take it the Haunted Bird Cage to the Ghost to obtain a selfie with Milton Barker.

To do your means to the much side the the mines, you need to manipulate this platform.Continue best until you reach the other side of the mines.

Return back throughout the minecart and make your method to the much right side. Shooting the hardwood plank to make a ramp up and walk up it. Reverse time and make your method to the best until you view a mine enntrance gate with store Out written throughout it. Shooting the ideal side the the mine enntrance gate to do a ramp down. Walk over to the generator and also shoot the electrical box and also water pipe. This reasons the elevator come fall. Pause time and also walk over tot the elevator to acquire the Lumberkid Suit, Beanie, and Mustache.

With the communication in the upright position, freezer time and also shoot both legs to reach the chest below. Don’t carry out this once you space on the platform together you will certainly die.
With the platform on the ground, you can access the chest.

To obtain the sweetheart chest that shows up unreachable (in prior of the keep Out sign), pause time and shoot both corners the the communication to do it fall. As soon as the communication falls, you will certainly have access to the chest which has the Manic chaos wig (thanks tok0bogigafor the tip).

Head back to the center section and make your means to the spot pictured above. Move the ladder to the much right and climb increase it by the sparking water. Pause time and also move the crate to the right. Climb under the ladder and also move that left come where the box was. Rise up the ladder and use the large ladder to escape. You will arise by the DLC Bus Stop.

Burial Grounds

The burial Grounds is located just off path to the cabin.
In the burial Grounds, girlfriend will must collect dust to try and conserve a counsellor.

Located through the Cabin we escaped Bootay in is the burial Grounds (look for sign that says funeral Grounds). Make your method here to look for more Counselors and continue to the main story. Inside the funeral Grounds friend will discover a variety of enemies come fight for this reason be all set for that. When you’ve beat the enemies you’ll receiveScarecrow Cowl (costume), and also trigger an additional cutscene. In the cutscene over there is a dice counsellor who wants you to gather some funeral ground dirt to sprinkle top top him. You should gather 12 piece of burial Ground dirt to advance.

Once you’ve gathered all of the interment Ground dirt, go back to the counselor and also sprinkle it on him. Transforms out the dirt doesn’t work. Oh well. Prior to you leaving the burial Grounds, grab the various lootables around.

Backpack by mound that rocks/arrows by save Out sign.Lunchbox by tree stump (Little Red Riding fit + Hood).All three teepees (Dream Catcher Recipe).Box on absent by broken tree. Shoot appropriate side of tree to make a ramp up (Howling Costume).Suitcase by departure (on path).

When you room nearing the leave Timmy will certainly talk to you about exploring the psychic aspect at the camp. To do this, we must head ago to Camp Center.

Camp center – inspection the Psychic Disturbance at Camp


When you enter the center of the camp, girlfriend will check out Fastpass stand by Nathan’s Cabin. Look in the window to create a cutscene.

When you enter the Camp facility you will view Fastpass standing next to the south Cabin. The mentions that the cabin is locked and this could serve together some sort of clue. Rise up top top the logs next to the home window and look inside to trigger a cutscene. After ~ the cutscene Nathan’s Cabin i do not care unlocked, an interpretation we deserve to go inside and grab the Boathouse key.

Nathan’s Cabin

Inside Nathan’s Cabin friend will uncover a variety of lootable items. Like always, let’s seize the items prior to moving on through the story. Below is every little thing you have the right to grab in the cabin:

Beside wheelchair near door is a box.Wallet on p bag chair.Haunted VHS in VHS device under TV.Money jar on shelf to far right. Punch fireworks turn off shelf. Pause time and move ladder. Repeat come grab money jar. Additionally you deserve to climb up top and also open the circuit box then use Haywire to prevent the electricity.

You can grab the Boathouse crucial up height by relocating the gas have the right to to the bunk (between steps and luggage) and reversing time to overcome the surfboard. With crucial in hand, make your method to the watercraft House.

Boat house – monitor Nathan to the Lake Pier

Inside the watercraft House you will discover a variety of lootable containers which attribute some an excellent stuff. Prior to we move on, let’s grab whatever we can. Here’s what you deserve to loot in the watercraft House:

Cabinet right ahead.Cabinet alongside punch dispenser.Swimwear costume on top shelf. Usage workbench shelf together ramp up and also then reverse time come reach.

Once you have all the loot, walk out through the back door to trigger a cutscene top top the pier. The last counsellor is alive and we are gonna shot to save them. To execute this we should defeat Nathan! For beating Nathan you gain the Lagooned Costume set and the Psychotic illustration DNA.

After beating Nathan, an extraterrestrial comes down and also takes the Counsellor away. Prior to chasing ~ her, loot the dock for everything there. Make your method back come the Camp center when ready.

Minigame: connect with package of dynamite on the dock to start the fishing minigame. This minigame is offered to finish the naval Life badge.

Mess room – Retrieve Milk from The mess Hall

You need to make your means to the Mess room to grab some milk.
Inside the Mess hall you will view the milk to the far right on the counter.

As you make your means to the Camp Center, Timmy will certainly tell you he deserve to help, but he calls for sustenance. This sustenance come in the form of Milk that have the right to be discovered in the mess Hall. Make your method to the mess Hall and also you must see the Milk party on the respond to to the much right. Come grab it, move the offered Oil container between the Canola Oil and the edge of the countertop to make a stairway. Rise the stairway and destroy the soda machine. Shooting the left side of the glass shelf the milk is on then freeze time and also run and grab it. With milk in hand that is time to salary Timmy a visit just in former of the chaos Hall.

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Camp facility – defeat The Alien

When you speak to Timmy external of the Mess room a cutscene will trigger. This cutscene mirrors that the alien was mind controlling Timmy to get the milk which isMintberry Crunch’sweakness. We additionally learn the Nathan and also Mimsy are also under mental control and must be defeated (again). To complete this component of the story you must defeat the Alien. Combat takes place over a couple of battles, so come in all set for some two long fights. For defeating the alien you knife Alien evolution DNA and also the Reptilia Costume. After ~ the fight friend will see the final cutscene for carry The Crunch and also will have actually completed the DLC. Congratulations!


Once you complete the DLC girlfriend can obtain a number of selfies from characters you communicated with during it. Listed below is a list of pendant you can add at the finish of carry The Crunch.

Nathan (Camp Center)Mimsy (Camp Center)Timmy (Camp facility after earning handicap Awareness Badge)Chad Handler (Camp center while put on DLC costume)Reggie Burke (Camp center after earning maritime Life Badge)Dennis Murray (Camp Center, burn marshmallow top top fire)Bradley Biggle (Bus Stop)Old Mechanic (Bus Stop)

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Thoughts ~ above this carry The Crunch guide? let me hear lock in The Pit below.

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