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Yeah, those males. Rune translations contact them shadowfish, and also they’re known to be afrassist of mirrors and Andrias. Why?

Well, think around it. A mirror reflects you what you look choose. Characters that shy ameans from mirrors are either apt to gain trapped in them or are afraid of what they have actually become.

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As for Andrias: you are afraid people who hurt you.

We’ll come earlier to this in a moment. Because currently we have to look at the modern technology of the time. Mainly, somehow those ancient, superstitious, medieval areas of Amphibia were as soon as technologically progressed sufficient to make a whole fucking robot.


And this robot has actually been approximately for a while.

Here’s what I think.

The massive spider robot was lugged to Amphibia from a measurement external of it. Whoever organized the Calamity Box before our prophesied humale Stars lugged it here.

That robot ordered its devotees to create a robot army, providing them some benefit in response (ultimate calamity power, reviving someone dead, sparing their life, idk). Factories sprung up in the fields, much sufficient amethod that the majority of Amphibians wouldn’t know around them.

But Amphibians weren’t experienced enough yet to make entire robots. So they started on various other Amphibians. Replacing their eyes. Tearing them limb by limb and structure new ones for them. Creating the robot/stone creature from Night Drivers, via its robotic arm and also leg. Things retained going wrong, until ultimately they went right. Frobo was made.

But then points worsened. The Calamity Box was intended to stop those robots. It was prophesied, a prophecy that Andrias fled from. The box’s wielders practically thrived, till the powers were somehow taken and sent out to Planet.

The robots did not get off without any type of scars. Their robot operation had been substantially damaged. While the robots still existed, they couldn’t act just yet. Not until the Calamity Box was gone for excellent.

Now, the Amphibia girls are back. All Andrias hregarding execute is send them to Earth forever, and also he’ll be able to summon his robot army and also bring The Night. And the prophecy won’t be able to stop him.

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Well, except there’s still these shadowfish souls floating roughly, souls that have to be went back to their bodies. And there’s the fact that Anne isn’t going to leave her family members in danger, not in the finale.

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