With the release of iOS 10.2, Apple presented a entirety bunch of new emoji. The Unicode 9.0 collection attributes 72 new emoji, consisting of such crowd-pleasers as “Nauseated face” and also “Fox face”.

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Emoji are really popular component of messaging on iOS and some people even upgrade their tools just to acquire the new releases. However, girlfriend needn’t choose between your jailbreak and also your smileys; in this short article we’ll walk through how to get the new iOS 10.2 emoji on her jailbroken iOS 9 device.

This method uses developer Poomsmart’s Emoji10 suite. You re welcome note, whilst the is possible to obtain the iOS 10.2 emoji top top jailbroken firmwares as far ago as iOS 6 as well as on iOS 10, in the understanding of brevity i will just be going through the method on iOS 9. The process for other iOS version is similar, yet may require different packages. Above Poomsmart’s guide page for details.


A jailbroken deviceBytaFont 3Poomsmart’s Cydia repositoryvxBakerxv’s Cydia repository


1) First, launch Cydia and include the following two repos:


Poomsmart’s repo includes the various Emoji10 packages we require to permit our iOS 9 maker to handle the layout and attributes of the iOS 10.2 emoji keyboard. VxBakerxv’s repo master the iOS 10.2 emoji font files themselves.

2) If girlfriend haven’t already, install BytaFont 3 indigenous the ModMyi repo, which comes pre-installed through Cydia.

BytaFont 3 will be offered to equip the Emoji10 font, once Poomsmart’s tweaks have collection up our an equipment to be able to handle it.

3 a) If you room on iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.1 inclusive, find for and install the complying with packages:

Emoji10 (iOS 9.0-9.3) – PoomsmartEmoji iOS 10 – vxBakerxvEmojiAttributes – PoomsmartEmojiLocalization – PoomsmartEmojiResources – Poomsmart

The final three in the over list may be immediately queued for installation when you shot to download Emoji10 (iOS 9.0-9.3). If lock aren’t, install them manually.

3 b) If you room on iOS 9.2 – iOS 9.3.3 inclusive, download these packages instead:

Emoji10 (iOS 9.0-9.3) – PoomsmartEmojiAttributes – PoomsmartEmoji iOS 10 – vxBakerxv


4) After respringing your device, open BytaFont 3.

5) Navigate come the Swap Mode tab, and also select Emoji.

6) On the Emoji screen, tap Emoji10 to swap your initial emoji for the updated iOS 10.2 versions.

7) Respring your maker when prompted.


8) After it has actually resprung, open any kind of messaging app and swap come the emoji keyboard. Examine for the existence of an iOS 10.2 addition such as “Whisky” or “Bacon”. If they are there, you space golden!

Reverting her changes

1) Open BytaFont 3 and navigate to Swap setting – Emoji.

2) Press the Restore BytaFont backup button come swap the iOS 10.2 emoji ago to your original iOS version’s.

3) We must now uninstall the Emoji10 packages native Cydia. If you don’t, your key-board will still be set up because that iOS 10.2 yet without the 10.2 emoji font equipped, which will certainly leave gaps in your keyboard.

To execute this, open up Cydia and also uninstall every one of the packages ~ above this list the you have (you may not have all of them):

Emoji10 (iOS 9.0-9.3) – PoomsmartEmoji iOS 10 – vxBakerxvEmojiAttributes – PoomsmartEmojiLocalization – PoomsmartEmojiResources – Poomsmart

4) Respring and check that your emoji are back to normal again.

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And that’s all there is to it. This packages are advantageous in that they also allow you to view iOS 10.2 emoji in messages received on your device, when they are sent to you by who running iOS 10.2. Gain expressing such emotions as “Facepalm” and also “Rofl”, without giving up her jailbreak to carry out it!

Have you tried the end the new emoji on her device? carry out you require a guide for iOS 10.2 emoji ~ above a version various other than iOS 9? let me know.