C & M construction in Connecticut, specializes in roofing, siding, windows, decks. We additionally do bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Contact us this day to inquiry a complimentary estimate. You will certainly receive substantial services that space specifically designed to cater come your details construction, remodel, or repair requirements. Every project is different, and our craftsmen are versatile, flexible, and also able to customize their talents to satisfy the needs of our diverse clientele and also varied task assignments. Ours services extend throughout Connecticut.

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For much more than 25 years, C & M building has been offering fast, friendly, and reliable service to ours neighbors almost everywhere Connecticut at very reasonable rates. From construction to restoration to remodels, we have the expertise and also the resources necessary to complete all your plans and also projects affordable, efficiently, and also to her satisfaction.

With end 25 year experience and also real emphasis on customer satisfaction, youcan depend on united state for your following renovation!



Whether you require a new roof installed or shingles replaced, we have the right to help. When your roof has suffered storm damages or has actually sprung a leak, ours team has actually the skills and expertise forced to carry out quality work. You will obtain a lifetime materials warranty and also a minimum 5 to 10 year job guarantee when you do organization with united state at no extra cost. We work-related with many insurance companies to make the procedure easier. Call us now for all her roofing needs



Save money top top heating and cooling with modern, multi-pane glass the holds room temperatures inside. Choose from a range of window or door alternatives for every or part of your home. Contact our office today for your free home redesign estimate.


DECKS & Outdoor

We are the first people to call when you are looking come revamp one old or add a new deck. We can design and also install a deck the fits her home, landscape, and also lifestyle. Decks administer years the satisfaction and you can pick from a variety of affordable designs. All job-related is guaranteed; so contact us this particular day for your totally free design consultation.



Upgrade her bathroom or kitchen to the best efficiency, and beautify her rooms to complement your personality. Functioning on a budget is not a problem; us can administer the many for your money while offering the highest quality workmanship. Our architecture team will job-related with girlfriend to develop your vision, call us today.

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"Al and also his crew did a roof for us 16 years ago on an additional house. We had absolutely no issues with that roof so as soon as we moved and needed a roof repair, of course C & M Construction involved mind!"
"Excellent. From start to finish, Al is hands down the best, most experienced contractor mywife and also I have ever worked with."
"Did beautiful job-related for me. Took a the majority of time to help me do the best decisions because that me. Hewent above and beyond to help me in every way he could."
For much more than 25 years, C & M Construction has actually been giving fast, friendly, and reliable service to our neighbors almost everywhere Connecticut at an extremely reasonable rates. From building and construction to reconstruction to remodels, we have actually the expertise and also the resources required to complete all her plans and also projects affordable, efficiently, and also to her satisfaction.