speak to of Duty: black Ops Cold War’s Zombies community triggers a large Hand easter egg, with the gruesome extremity providing a good reward.

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giant hand easter egg in cod bocw zombies
Call that Duty: black Ops Cold War fans are continuously discovering brand-new easter eggs in the game’s zombie mode, numerous of i m sorry bring beneficial in-game rewards. One newfound Call the Duty: black color Ops Cold War Zombies secret sees this tradition continue, though players will need to encounter a nasty-looking large hand if they desire the easter egg’s prize.

if Call that Duty: black Ops Cold War zombie includes an easy easter eggs choose Plaguehound petting, more complex side quests have the right to be brought out as well. This huge hand easter egg falls into the last category, together it sees football player doing rather a little of job-related to completely complete it. However, the reward is definitely worthwhile, together it sees the player’s fitted weapon soon transformed right into a legend variant — something that would generally require a few dozen ring of upgrades and also a most spent salvage.

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get in The Dark Aether and also Shoot The Buttons

black ops cold battle dark aether portal in zombies
The easter egg beginning off conveniently enough, seeing players enter the Dark Aether through one of the map’s countless portals. Whether it it is in the portal tied come the Aetherscope, Pack-A-Punch, or a D.I.E. Upgrade, players just need to enter the Dark Aether from any portal to begin up the unique quest. Native there, heading end to the medical Bay is required, i beg your pardon is one area on dice Maschine that all players must be able reach easily. That said, beginning on the actions sooner rather than later is recommended, as taking care of the Megaton mini boss during the easter egg would be a painful experience.

Players have to then look come the barrier on the left that the Speed Cola perk machine. Behind this barrier, 4 red buttons will have to be shot, a task that will certainly be far much easier in co-op matches due to a fellow player being able come train a zombie. For solo players, the Aether Shroud field upgrade and decoys will work-related wonders for offering the important time to shoot the buttons. When the buttons are shot (the bespeak does not matter), Nova 6 gas will certainly be emitted from listed below the doors the sit alongside the buttons, and also a 5th door will check out a environment-friendly light bright behind the window. Football player can cause the next step by shoot the switch beside this door.

Suddenly, a huge hand will certainly burst with the door, waving about madly within the barrier. It must look acquainted to those who have seen dice Maschine’s large monster, as the creature’s non-club hand is the same one the players space seeing in this easter egg. Players will need to let the hand rack up a total of 15 kills, a tricky process due to the zombies needing to come with the barrier. Once again, decoys will help with this step, together players must host off in the area so that they deserve to re-activate the hand every 15-20 seconds. The is also worth noting that players have to be in the Dark Aether to trigger the hand’s appearance.

when the risky procedure of “feeding” the hand is complete, the weapon players space holding will certainly instantly be transformed right into a Legendary variation of the very same gun —meaning that players need to avoid holding out a wonder weapon or maxed out weapon while doing the easter egg. This side search is absolutely an exciting one in regards to its steps, as it sees the mysterious monsters as soon as again assisting the player. Revealed to be “Elder Gods” via dice Maschine’s collectible intel, the creatures’ appearances in the map are certainly an amazing tease for the future.

Call that Duty: black Ops Cold War is accessible now top top PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox collection X.

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