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MRW: speak to of Duty: civilization at war Edition

Posted end 5 years ago973 downloads

This mod tries to boost realism by tweaking weapon models. The changes shot to boost realism of choose weapons choose the Mosin Nagant, Thompson Sub-Machine gun and the BAR.


UGX mod Standalone v1.0.3

Posted end 5 years ago794 downloads

Call of Duty: civilization at war is a CoD video game that didn't get the hype of the later entries in the series. Nevertheless, it is an excellent game. Play that vanilla, then mode the hell out of it. This mod is an ext of one SDK 보다 a independent mod. It permits for the production of custom maps for multiplayer. If girlfriend get worn down of the default maps, think about this as an elixir.

SPAIN AT war - English Server Files

Posted over 7 years ago58 downloads

Beta version 1.0 that the mode Spain in ~ War. Server records - version English


Nazi Zombie one-of-a-kind Combat modern Weapons mod 1.0

Posted around 9 years ago3,101 downloads

This mod is prefer an "enchanced" variation of modern-day weapons mod made by Way2Evil. It will replace virtually every weapon in CODWaW zombie mode with modern weapons, exceptions weapons still offered today.



Posted end 9 year ago864 downloads

This is a new map of zombie map. The Map is beautiful for play whit another people, the map only you me is not straightforward there space well so on the map places where you have the right to stay alive. It's a the majority of Fun whit an ext players on the map...included:* s


Posted end 9 year ago504 downloads

cod waw nazi_zombie_wt4 is a chill game playing with more players only one player is not simple the game is a huge house whereby you alive and also you many survive the game...included:* spawnable treasure chest* 4 perks* PAP (Pack A Punch)* catch (eletr


Posted over 9 years ago373 downloads

this nazi zombie mod is produced by ZMG, this is my an initial own map ns have created a mistery door through 15 unlockable blocks that expense 500 because that 1, i think so 15 x 500 :Dinfo map:*something not correct ? i shot to repair it.*weapons ~ above the wall*perks*PAP

Vietnam mode 1.2 (Server)

Posted over 9 years ago39 downloads

The full files required to operation a specialized server. Version 1.2.

Vietnam mode 1.2 (Client) (Full)

Posted end 9 year ago1,662 downloads

Finally the there! A Vietnam War alteration for speak to of Duty! This modification is made on the last rate to day - contact of Duty:World at war by Treyarch.

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