So ns am pretty new to PHP and the publication that ns learned that from seems to have actually taught it a small funny, however I am functioning on an update for the horse video game I am creating. That is in php making use of mysql together a database. Here is the code:

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This works well, i don"t have any kind of problems with it. I am trial and error two accounts ideal now and it will echo the usernames and also balances and also transaction amounts, however once I add the following (I did add it before the ?> line):
I acquire the following:Fatal error: speak to to a member function fetch_assoc() on a non-object in C:AppServwwwupdatesalary.php on heat 12Line 12 is the if statement for the first query. I am not certain what is not correct here. Any kind of ideas?
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If this has operated before, shot 1) do var_dump($result) on line 12(after while) if it is not mysql_result(false) shot mysql_error() or something favor it. 2) Visit database and also make that user through this username existsbut i think trouble in $row = $result->fetch_assoc(), because you use mysql attributes ( not mysqli course ) and it not object. Shot mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
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seca83 is correct. You space not utilizing fetch_assoc correctly due to the fact that $result is not an item ( choose a class object ) and also you room treating it together one prior to it actually becomes one.
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ok, so ns was said in another forum to change that line to $row2=$result2->fetch_assoc(); because originally ns was getting this error:Warning: mysqli_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to it is in mysqli_result, boolean offered in C:AppServwwwupdatesalary.php on heat 12Changing that took that error away and also then gave me the one above. What do I perform now? i am now getting the error simply mentioned. Many thanks for your help btw.
O and this is what I acquire when I add var_dump($result); after ~ the when statement:object(mysqli_result)#2 (0) if the helps
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