Each bag of popcorn consists of about 5 tbsp of un-popped kernels. This is based on the truth that a serving dimension is 2 tbsp & each bag has actually around 2.5 servings.

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Now, if every single kernel were to pop, you'd have actually 425 kcal (2.5 x 270 170) of popcorn.

However, that never before happens and also so they've provided you with an additional method to calculate the calories - by volume of popped popcorn. They're saying 1 cup of popped popcorn is 30 kcal and each bag of popcorn primarily yields 11.25 (4.5 x 2.5) cups. This indicates that when you pop a bag of popcorn, you're eating more like 337.5 kcal because not every kernel popped.

Thank you so a lot. This lastly makes feeling. I've been staying clear of a large box of Costco popcorn in my pantry bereason of these labels. It doesn't aid that it's impossible to measure out 1 cup of popped popcorn accurately. I have a 1 cup measurer and also a 2 cup measurer. Measuring 2 cups through the 1 cup measurer results in 1.5 as much popcorn as measuring 2 cups through the 2 cup measurer. Now I have the right to simply split the bag in fifty percent and be done via it.

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I think that OP's allude is that it shouldn't take this amount of explacountry and also deliberation to figure out something as standard as 'how many calories are in this bag I'm around to eat?'

You're my hero! Thank you for a well defined comment. I wasn't looking for a real answer however I obtained a bunch of great ones, thanks!

Now I'm confused. Shouldn't it simply be favor anything else? There's 2.5 servings per bag, each serving is 170. So 170 * 2.5 = 425?

Edit: OH, I view. Each cup is 30calories popped. There are 4.5 cups popped pet serving, so 4.5 x 2.5 = 11.25 11.25 popped x 30 calories = 337.50.

Now, is this just assuming an average number of unpopped kernels? Does that suppose popcorn is also reduced calorie than I believed it was bereason I always counted unpopped kernels? HELL YEAH.

You can additionally discover the gram weight of the bags and also put that in to the tablespoons (35g) and also number out the servings that way; occasionally about 2.5 actually indicates 2.2 or 2.7 or something.

Once you have actually that number the poopedpopped calories of 35g is 135 (35g renders 4.5 cups so multiply 1 cup calories by 4.5 to obtain 135 calories) then multiply by that, unless you're eating unpopped kernals... but then you probably have various other points to problem about lol.

Edit: popped not pooped. I've got a headcold and also an iPhone, damaging combicountry for trying to write

I've constantly been so puzzled by this haha. Keep your eyes out for 100 cal bags, though! There's much much less reasoning associated via those bags.

Jolly Time 100 calorie bags are the TRUTH. You acquire so a lot popcorn and it's such a filling snack for 100 calories!

That's the just method I eat popcorn. I just can't number it out otherwise. I'm literally as well stupid lol.

This is crazy. How come you don't have labels through calories per 100g? Is a tablespoon a traditional and well defined measure? Maybe I sound favor a very stupid perkid, yet I am completely lost via "cups", "tbsp", "oz", "serving"...

When I scan something through MFP and also only these crazy devices are accessible I am choose NOPE, gotta create a new food entry.

Rapid math based upon the label (if I'm analysis it right).

Serving size is about 4.5c popped * 30 Cal per cup = 135 cal. 135 * 2.5 servings per bag = 337.5 Cal per bag.

I think it should say Total Calories for clarity. (Google calorie search agrees with 30g of popcorn ~ 140 kcal)

The labeling is disastrous though. It angers me bereason it appears to me they deliberately try and also hide just how unhealthy and balanced their product is.

Anyway, right here is just how I favor my calorie tables:

1 Serving 2 tbsp unpopped (35g)Daily worth per serving*1 bag unpopped (87.5g)Daily worth per bag*100g
Total Calories1708.5%42521.25%
- from fat100250
Total Fat11g17%27.5g42.5%
- Saturated Fat5g25%12.5g62,5%
- Trans Fat0gn.d.
- Polyunsaturated Fat1.5g3.75g
- Monounsaturated Fat3.5g8.75g
Total Carbohydrate17g6%42.5g15%
- Dietary fiber3g12%7.5g30%

*based upon a 2000 calorie diet.

Jesus fucking Christ fuck your device with servings. Mark the nutritional value PER 100 GRAMS OF UNPOPPED KERNELS prefer they execute in the first people nations.

I understand weight problems is such a huge problem in the US as soon as companies are allowed to bullshit about with how much energy the food has.

Not that it's perfect all the moment in Europe either. Sometimes it's just "per 100g" when the whole box is an uneven weight. The appropriate method is to label it "per 100g" and also "for the entire package".

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