My son wants to know if Darth Vader isn"t maybe to run or if he just doesn"t want to. Mine recollection is that he never runs, just struts. Even in the brand-new Rebels shows, i can"t think of any kind of instances of him running. Maybe this was written right into Lucas" character summary "DV never runs!"

Are there any kind of images that him to run with complete Darth equipment on? i.e. Not as Anakin.

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If he doesn"t run, climate is this due to immense self-confidence that he doesn"t need to, or is it a limitation that his fit or a clinical impediment, such as his breath apparatus not able to store up through fast-paced breathing?

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it looks dignified, but I bet the reason is that suit is petty uncomfortable, it is why all the force choking rather of sprinting end & chopping turn off body parts. Even grievous gained a far better deal.
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In the canon novel Lords of the Sith, Vader was compelled to run when he to be chased by lyleks top top Ryloth (along through the Emperor and also two imperial Guards):

Vader took position next to his master as the four of them ongoing down the tunnel. The sought a place where they can stop and also hold their ground, however the tunnel go on and also on, not narrowing, with its downward slope diving ever before deeper right into the planet.

Drawing ~ above the force as that ran, the gestured in ~ the ceiling and also took hold of several big chunks of decision stalactites. The rocked them loosened with his power, climate let them dangle there, wait for the vibration of the pass horde to reason them to fall.

p. 209

Vader can also be viewed running in the video clip game Star wars Battlefront (2015), i beg your pardon is canon. Because that example, below is a video clip from the single player mission "The Dark Side" in which Vader is checked out running at various times:

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According to have the right to Darth Vader run - Star battles Explained, in ~ 2:04 - 2:13 that says:

Because that the huge amount of mass the all at once armor contained, Vader did not often run, but to be still qualified of law so, if necessary.

And it mirrors footage indigenous Star wars Battlefront II (2017)—which is part of canon—where Vader is displayed running in sprint mode (in Battlefront (2015), in Legends, he simply "glided" in sprint mode instead of run).

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