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Bounce wit me, bounce wit meCan ya can ya deserve to ya bounce wit me, bounce wit meYa-yah-yah, ya-ya-yah-yeah bounce wit me, bounce wit meGe-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi-geyeah bounce wit me, bounce wit meGet it!Verse one: jay-zCan i hit in the morningWithout giving you fifty percent of my doughAnd even worse if i was broke would you want me?If ns couldn"t obtain you finer thingsLike all of them diamond ring bitches kill forWould you still roll?If we couldn"t see the sun risin off the coast of thailandWould friend ride then, if the wasn"t droppin?If wasn"t ah, eight figure by the surname of jiggaWould friend come around me, would certainly you clown me?If i couldn"t flow futuristic would certainly yaPut your 2 lips on my wood, kiss the - can yaSee yourself with a workin harder 보다 9 come 5Contending six, two work to survive, orDo you require a balla? so you deserve to shop and tear the shopping mall up?Brag, tell your friends what i bought yaIf girlfriend couldn"t see yourself with a when his dough is lowBaby girl, if this is so, yo...Chorus: repeat 2xcan I obtain a posesthe youTo this bitches from every one of my niggasWho don"t love hoes, they acquire no doughcan I acquire a woop woopTo this niggas from every one of my bitchesWho don"t gained love for players without dubs?now deserve to you bounce wit me, uhhbounce wit me, bounce wit meCan ya can ya deserve to ya bounce wit me, bounce wit meuh uh... Significant coinsbounce wit me, bounce wit meyeah, no donecan ya have the right to ya deserve to ya bounce wit me, bounce wit meuh-uh uh uhVerse two: amilYou ain"t gotta it is in rich however fuck datHow we gonna get roughly your bus passBefore placed this pussy on your mustacheCan you afford me, my niggas breadwinners, never ever cornyAmbition makes me, therefore horny, i come fussin in theFront end, if you acquired nuttin, baby boy, you betta"git up, git out and get somethin" I choose a, most pravada, alize and bacaLate nights, candlelight, then i tear the c*** upGet it up I placed it under anytime it pop upI got to snap em, let the loose, then i knock yaFeel the juice, climate I obtained ya, when you create a rockaI let you meet momma and also introduce you to poppaMy coochie remains in a gucci nameNever check my patience sweetie, I"m high maintenanceHigh class, if girlfriend ain"t rollin, bypassIf you ain"t holdin, ns dash yoChorus now deserve to you bounce because that me, bounce because that meuhhcan ya have the right to ya deserve to ya bounce wit me, bounce wit meuhh!gi-gi-gi-geyeah-geyeahcan ya bounce wit me, bounce wit meuhh!gi-gi-gi-gi can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit meuhh! YeahVerse three: jaIt ain"t even a questionHow mine dough flows, I"m good to these poor hoesLike my puss wet and also dry like damn floesWhat ya"ll niggas don"t understand it"s simple to pimp a hoeBitches betta have actually my, money fo" sho"Before castle go, runnin they mouth, promotin halfI it is in dickin they, back out, walk "head, let the outI fucks with my gat out, bounce and leave a hundredMakin em feel, slutted even if castle don"t desire itIt"s been so longSince i met a chick ain"t on my tips yet then I"mDead wrong, when I tell em it is in goneSo hold on come the feelin of flossin and also platinumCause from currently on, you can witness ja the i-conWith hoodies and also timbs on, reason I thugs my bitchesVeve, studs my bitches, then us rob the snitchesI"m talkin bout straight figures, if girlfriend here acquire wit usIf not boo, you understand what, ns still gained youChorusNow have the right to you bounce wit me, bounce wit meGe-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi bounce wit me, bounce wit me bitchWit me wit me wit me bounce wit me, bounce wit meBounce... Bounce... Wit me wit me wit me wit meCan ya bounce wit me wi meGe-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi-geyeah...