I generally keep celluar turned off, and WiFi on. When I"m at residence I automatically affix to my WiFi and can receive calls and texts no problem. Once I"m not home, ns can"t obtain calls or texts, i beg your pardon is fine by me -- and also I"ll only turn to move on if I have to use Uber/Lyft or if I must make an outbound call.

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On an extremely rare occasions as soon as I"m far from home (and because of this connected to neither cell nor WiFi) I"ll receive an SMS text. Usually simply random stuff like Amazon sending me a locker accessibility code, telling me I have a package come pickup, etc.

On even rarer occasions I"ll get a speak to in this mode. Ns can"t actually answer it, yet it"ll ring as soon as briefly and show me a caller ID.


Why am i able to obtain occasional SMS texts and also inbound speak to attempts, despite cellular being off and not being linked to a WiFi network?

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Why am ns able to receive occasional SMS texts and inbound contact attempts, regardless of cellular gift off and also not being connected to a WiFi network?

Cellular data is not regarded SMS. That"s a role of her voice service. See: moving iPad-Air text article configuration for an ext details.

WiFi phone call is a supplement to her cellular voice plan. If the WiFi network is available, your phone will usage WiFi rather of the LTE network to make a call. If you turn off WiFi and cellular data and also leave moving voice on, calls will proceed to come through.

But to summary it, if you have the right to make voice call on her cell network, you have the right to receive SMS/MMS messages.

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