Apple has ultimately released its very first water-resistant iPhone, the is, the newest iphone phone 7 and iPhone 7 add to (including red iphone phone 7/7 Plus). If you own an iphone phone 7, you won"t have actually to problem someone pour out water ~ above it at the dinner table. What is stating is that iPhone 7/7 plus water-resistance is different with waterproof equipment.

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The brand-new iPhone has an IP67 rating, which means the phone have the right to be submerged in approximately 1 meter the water because that a best of 30 minutes. Hence, if you"d like to take her iPhone for a swim, or take photos underwater through iPhone 7, you"ll require a waterproof instance for her device.

How to take Underwater Photos with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Here us summarize the top 5 beneficial tips if you space going to take it underwater images with iphone 7.

Tip 1. Completely charge her iPhone

It is never suggested to charge an iPhone as soon as it is wet. So you"d better fully fee the battery before using it because that underwater photography. Also, we recommend you to let the phone dry for number of hours prior to you charge it again or extract photos from your iPhone to computer.

Tip 2. Iphone phone setup

When you space underwater, it will be hard to usage the touch display of your phone, so make sure you"ve collection up her iPhone properly prior to going underwater. Rather of tapping the touch display screen for acquisition photos, you deserve to use the volume keys (on the left side of iphone phone 7) to take it photos. Press either that the volume keys and a picture will it is in captured. Try this out above the water to acquire used to making use of the volume keys.

Tip 3. Take multiple shots

If you space shooting a topic that is quick moving, then use the burst mode. This will capture multiple pictures in a an extremely shot framework of time. Thanks to the burst mode, friend can capture the stunning underwater photos.

Tip 4. Lighting

It is more daunting to take it photos underwater together water refracts irradiate in various ways. Diving enthusiasts imply taking image in water in between 10am and 2pm, once the sunlight is in ~ its highest point in the sky and provides the finest visibility underwater. The speed is no recommended as it deserve to disturb the focus and also colors of your shots.

Tip 5. Stability

Stability is very important, especially when you usage your iphone 7 come shot a rapid moving subject or take it underwater videos. Friend may think about locking her arms or buy a selfie stick to aid you have a secure handy and also capture beautiful pictures.

These are the tips us think friend should consider when acquisition underwater photos through an iPhone. Despite iPhone 7/7 plus water-resistance is a big leap by Apple, you need to remember that liquid damages is tho not consisted of in the one-year minimal warranty. If your iPhone unfortunately gained damaged in water, inspect what to carry out with a water-damaged iphone phone here.

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