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We originators over below, they followersWe gonna execute it like this thenOn the count of 3We gonna say, what's the name of this group?HIERO, yeah yeah alrightWhen they say HIERO we gonna say GLYPHICSYo I don't require nobody yet I gained my crewWe the finest at it, you understand just how we doWe finesse that shit that spit thatWriting specific to the hi hat of this trackWright here my friends at? This is hip-hopWe make the documents for the DJ to spin thatIn the clubs at the party through them girls gone wildActin naughty my real catsStay on point we don't be actin rawdy our motto isWe the ideal at it and also we shout it loudlyYeah we independent in this shit bitchShowing deceit? so we rip in the benefitFeel the rush we smokin that killa kushSmellin-favor feelin-like lookin-choose a million bucksPlus simply we acquired significant ol' what spliff for the indica andCan't nobody do it Like usCan't nobody do it favor usThey try to talk-like walk-favor dress-choose usMight test like the best prefer just choose usThey try to rap like rep favor action likeGet it simply appropriate yet they just can't do it prefer us
Can't nobody perform it like usThey attempt to talk-prefer walk-choose dress-favor usMight test choose the best prefer just prefer usThey try to rap prefer rep favor action likeGet it just ideal however they just can't carry out it favor usI pilgrimage zones I expedition zonesI'm a microphone fifinish hip-hop nymphoI can't stop fuckin' through itI mean I'm addicted I'm swift the pen I gain it inTil the shit drainpipe ? ? ? that be actin like woguys againLine to a limit in rhymes unlimitedI obtained I drop ideal on the spot - Why not?We flyer than the fly once we strategize byI gotta be unique I gotta be me rightI'm the one and ain't nobody deserve to ride the beat likeI don't require a battler attempt to unshine you causeI'mma carry out what I execute yes me and my crewWe the best we blessed by popular requestI remain on my P's and Q's while you continue to be on my penisI do it for the love and also make them hoes lust andGet on the bus cause

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We are the light and also this is the darkest hourWe gained this bird's-eye-watch from the tallest towerSo we spark it sour diesel and also easily I approach the micHigher than the ? mountainsBetter obtain the Himalayas when I let my inner layersBe exposed to them imitators and also them hatersFully beardy wierd white dudes from the suburbsIs rapping actin like they deserve to fuck with me and also my crewOn a hater parade with the means they behaveThat's why we bravin away slaving and also saving the dayWe them Hiero heroes stomping on your fragile ass egosSteady as the beat goes on and also on any kind of song I'm onI'd be well-known I'd be somepoint favor a phenomenonWe just do much to clutch or touchThat's why they never obtain sufficient cause