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Can You cast Obsidian? refers to a video by the YouTube channel just how To Make everything that easily went viral many thanks in part to that is ubiquitous visibility in "recommended videos" part on other YouTube videos. The video"s visibility there caused the production of photoshop mim referencing its popularity in the algorithm.


On august 4th, 2018, YouTube channel exactly how To Make every little thing posted a video titled "Can you Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword" (shown below). In much less than a week, the video clip gained over 8.3 million views.

Of note, the video"s thumbnail reads "Can You actors Obsidian?", and also the thumbnail is what would certainly go on to be offered in later memes about the video.


The video was featured ~ above Digg<1> later on that week. YouTube users quickly listed that the video clip seemed to show up in their "recommended videos" feed, even if they don"t watch similar videos. On august 9th, 2018, a user on /r/OutOfTheLoop<2> inquired about the video clip and memes made about it. In the taking place thread a user who claimed to be Digital Marketer and YouTube advertiser defined that the video clip was friendly to advertisers because of its inoffensive content and also potential attention in the young masculine demographic.

The backyard scientific research genre is incredibly popular through a wide-range of people, specifically younger audiences who love risky/fun scientific research experiments castle wouldn"t be taught in school. Your parents don"t know/don"t care about the Obsidian sword in Dark Souls or Minecraft or whatever, but they do. It"s one eye-catching non-controversial topic so advertisers love it.Viewers are willing to watch a "pre-roll ad" in stimulate to watch what happens. "OMG is it possible?!" people leave a ton of comments requesting an ext and various experiments and also argue end who said what or what they would"ve excellent differently. Tons of commentary = lots of mentions. Mentions = notifications. Notifications = revisits. Revisits = more impressions. An ext impressions = much more money.YouTube loves to feature 10-20 minute advertiser-friendly contents that is getting a ton that clicks and also comments for this reason. If you start a brand brand-new YouTube account and watch just one backyard scientific research DIY video, you will be recommended all of them and also tons of points young males love like Fortnite. When they recognize you prefer this stuff, they show it come you a lot. For this reason I observed this video in my proposal too.

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Memes around the video clip began appearing on Reddit almost a main after the video was posted. Popular instances can be uncovered on /r/MemeEconomy and /r/dankmemes. Because that example, among the most popular write-ups on /r/dankmemes got over 4,200 points (shown below, left). A post on aminoapps<3> compiling multiple memes around the video appeared on august 10th (example shown below, right).