despite the Cathedral that the pair Gods is no a particularly big area the Borderlands 3, that holds a handful of funny crew challenges to complete.

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Apparently, chaotic arsenal and inventory mayhem is not enough fun for Borderlands 3 players. So welcome to the crew challenges. Borderlands 3 is all about "getting stronger and getting richer," specifically when considering that filling your inventory with the strongest pho is half the fun. So when crew challenges offer us to you through the promise the experience, cash, or Eridium, the prize is obvious. You take the challenge.

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A collection of crew obstacles is discovered within every map the Pandora, however this overview will escort you specifically through the Cathedral that the twin Gods crew challenges. And although this area may be smaller, still keep a ready cause finger while roaming with it, since it"s likewise full of an ext aggressive enemy types.

Typhon logs recount the adventures the Typhon DeLeon, the very very first Vault Hunter. But, these points offer an ext than simply lore. If you collection all the Typhon logs in each area, you room given access to some products that girlfriend won"t desire to miss out on out on for this reason make sure to collect them all. Now, over there is no set number of Typhon logs every location, but in the Cathedral of twin Gods, there are three.

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Here"s wherein you can find them. Typhon log #1: appropriate at the begin of the cathedral, over there is a Typhon log in up above facing the "Children the the Vault" sign. Don"t stress though, over there is a method up there with the cathedral. Typhon log #2: close to the quick travel point, look over the adjacent cliff and also you will watch a Typhon log on the communication below. Typhon log #3: eastern of the cathedral, simply walk follow me Fateward Walk come a cliff overlooking a ravine where the Typhon dead drop is.

choose a say thanks to you for also taking the time to listen to what is essentially the scattered pages come Typhon DeLeon"s life story, he gives you the Typhon dead drop after you collect all the Typhon logs in the area. Here"s just how to get to the Typhon dead drop. From Typhon log #3 mentioned, above, every you need to do is jump under the gulch and loot it.

perfect this mission offers you randomized items ranging in between uncommon come legendary weapons or shields. Alternatively, friend can additionally get items for your room earlier in Sanctuary if you"re down for some internal decoration.

The beloved Claptrap deserve to be annoying v his overzealous voice-box and slightly obnoxious personality, yet there"s no denying he holds a special place in every player"s heart. Once made for the masses through Hyperion for basic tasks, Jack eliminated the production line, developing a collection of dead Claptraps the haunts the video game with his post mortem talk. Collecting all the dead Claptraps awards the player the "There is more than likely no success or trophy" achievement. So if you"re searching for that last dead Claptrap native The Cathedral of The pair Gods map, here"s how to discover him.

Dead Claptrap is located between the outer Sanctum and the Courtyard the the Damned. Going in the direction of the external Sanctum, there is a boarded up wall surface on her left. Breaking it and making your method inside, you"ll uncover a dead Claptrap hanging ~ above the wall. Rescue the Antenna accessory to finish the mission. Perfect this crew challenge gives friend the Baker Maker++ legend weapon.

Borderlands 3"s Target of possibility crew difficulties require beating a unique enemy. In the Cathedral of the twin Gods, that foe happens to be Crushjaw from Atlas" many Wanted List.

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In general, Crushjaw has an enhanced chance the dropping 2 legendary items: the Jericho Rocket Launcher, and the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Shield. Fitting through his bones design, Crushjaw is likewise the just one who drops the distinct Bone Shredder Pistol. Here"s just how to uncover a win Crushjaw. Discovered in the Eridium Sluice area, you"ll find the Target of possibility arena in ~ the bottom of two ramps. Use corrosive weapons and grenades to get through his hard armor. Run to avoid Crushjaw"s version of a floor pound. Perfect this crew challenge gives you the Vicious Lyuda legend sniper.

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The children of the Vault (the large baddies of Borderlands 3) usage broadcast towers to spread out propaganda all throughout Pandora. Yet Mad Moxxi has actually a arrangement where you come in: Crimson Radio — sabotage every the transfer towers by transforming off the main panel.

Here"s exactly how to finish Crimson Radio. Situated in the middle of the map, girlfriend can always drive there v a car from the Catch-A-Ride station. You"ll discover it ~ above a communication high up under a large pipe. Don"t worry, Moxxi will chime in when you"re close and also you"ll listen broadcasts (news, music, ads, etc.). Since it"s high up, you will have to do some climbing. So start from the big storage containers situated at the bottom that the tower and also work your means from there.

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