Only a few people recognize that speaker play a very vital role in the projected guitar sound comes from the cabs or amps. Hence, this short article will discuss two the the good speakers in background – Celestion G12T-75 vs Vintage 30.

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When it concerns speakers, the oldest and most well-known brand of the speaker is Celestion. You have the right to trace back its background as far as 1924. Since Vox used Celestion’s T.530 top top its AC15 amplifier, Celestion became the leader of speaker for numerous decades. This explains why even until currently amp and also cabinet manufacturers equipped their top-of-the-line models v a Celestion speaker.

Celestion G12T-75 Overview

If you room longing come hear that classic British sound the end of your etc amp, obtain the Celestion G12T-75. The a 12-inch speak designed to supplement high-gain amplifiers. V this, you can achieve plenty the bottom end, smooth mid-range, and colorful top-end. You can accomplish sweetness come overdrive and extreme volume handling.


Celestion G12T-75 is featured in a world-renowned 4×12 cab, and also perhaps, that the best-selling guitar amp speak of all time. The speaker an option of Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani – shouldn’t you also get this speaker?

Celestion Vintage 30 Overview

Introduced in 1986, Vintage 30 is the flagship speak of the brothers manufacturer. The Vintage 30 was developed in order to fulfill the needs of hard rock players during that time. This speaker attributes the ‘H’ magnet together with a new cone and also coil assembly to far better handle more power and overdrive.


This 60-watt speaker is qualified of delivering warmth lows, rich mids, and also detailed highs. It’s double as according to as various other speakers v the very same wattage and power level. Hence, this speaker can be found in the cabs of famous players choose Steve Stevens and also Peter Frampton. Nothing you think it’s something worth checking?

Features & Specifications

The G12T-75 comes through a very versatile loudspeaker and also found in the world’s reliable amplifiers. It has a broad frequency variety and sensitivity to accommodate various music styles like rock, metal, high-gain sounds, and the like. Make of high-quality products to ensure reliability and also consistency of tone from everything cab and amp it may be.

What separates the Vintage 30 native the G12T-75 is the ‘H’ magnet, which Celestion described the performance together closer come Alnico. The advancement of Vintage 30 to be a lengthy process, for this reason you room assured that its optimal performance. The designed to manage high power amplification of modern music styles.

In addition to these features, this is a to compare of your specifications. You could get some details that will aid you decide whether to get a GT12-75 or a Vintage 30.

Nominal diameter12in/305mm12″, 305mm
Power rating75W60Wrms
Nominal impedance8Ω or 16ΩAvailable 16Ω
Chassis typePressed steelPressed steel
Voice coil diameter44mm1.75″, 44.5mm
Voice coil materialRound copperRound copper
Magnet typeCeramicCeramic
Magnet weight35oz/0.99kg50oz, 1.42kg
Frequency range80-5000Hz70-5000Hz
Resonance frequency, Fs85Hz75Hz
DC resistance, Re6.77Ω or 12.9ΩAvailable 7.3Ω or 12.9Ω


Embodying Celestion quality, these 2 speakers are great on your own. Depending on the choice of the player, one speaker is excellent over the other. However, in general, they have their very own strengths and weaknesses. And, the selection of amplifier or cabinet plays crucial role in maximizing the capacity of these speakers.

To put this into perspective, some guitarists love to placed the G12T-75 on their Marshall Plexi amps (guitar amps indigenous the later on of the 1960s that featured Plexiglas panel). Plexi amps have a an ext pronounced midrange. Combine it with the scooped sound that the G12T-75, you’ll obtain a well balanced output.


For the Vintage 30 speakers, they deserve to be ideal paired v a Traynor Blue YCS50, because that example. In ~ the upper-mid peak, Vintage 30 have the right to sound a bit unbalanced, but if friend pair it through a good amp, the sound deserve to be fantastic.

Although this speakers may achieve great performance through the right amp, it appears that the G12T-75 is more consistent indigenous amp come amp, and also from one venue come the other. G12T-75 is an ext flexible. But, if you space performing in a band, Vintage 30 might be a good choice – which also depends ~ above the kind of sound calculation you want to showcase.


There’s a factor why even an excellent players and guitarists have actually their own take when it pertains to these two Celestion speakers. Normally speaking, G12T-75 is perfect for classic metal, if the Vintage 30 is for contemporary stuff. Because that amps with much more pronounced midrange, G12T-75 is a good fit, while because that high acquire amps with much more lows, Vintage 30 is a much better choice.

Metal valuation player will certainly appreciate the scooped-sounding G12T-75, while the command player is best to have actually the other. In this way, all grounds room covered, and also it’ll definitely give a exorbitant performance.

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Though it’s really nice if you deserve to put your ear to hear their distinct sound physically, this is a good YouTube video clip reference to how these speaker differ. This will offer you one impression of how great these speakers are – so, you can select which is best for you.