Philosophy of a Miracle

2001 Dreams The 7th Element Opera #2 Prelude Karlschild Opera #1 Birthday of my Death Soul Body Old Grammophone Circus

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Dreams (Mechty) Anvarious other fact... Many civilization desire to view it. Anvarious other mentality, an additional dimension and also one more sense of time, colours and sounds. Does this various other human being really exist? The world of illusions, fantasies, the civilization of DREAM... You are somewhere adjacent Or are these only dreams? Somewbelow nearby through poichild I'd better put on my eyes To differentiate the colour of your spirit Or are these just dreams? Yes, these are desires... Yes, these are dreams... Dreams... Dreams... I am handsome prefer a baobab Or choose a crab dressed in aqualung I am in a paroxysm of beauty Or are these only dreams? It is all because of your eyes Poiboy in one of them, a tear in the various other I've brought you flowers Or are these just dreams? Yes, these are desires... Yes, these are desires... Dreams... Dreams...The Seventh Element (Sed'moy Element) I've involved give this song I've involved provide this song I've involved provide this song I've concerned offer this song Chandra Brambra Chandra Chandra Bendram... I've come to provide this song From the human being of dreams I've concerned give this song From crystal tears I've concerned offer this song For love I've involved provide this song Chandra Brambra Chandra Chandra Bendram...OPERA # 2 My home has been built however I am alone below The door banged behind my ago An loss wind is knocking on the home window Crying over me everywhere aacquire... Thunderstorm at night and fog in the morning... The sunlight has actually turned totally cold Old pains are adhering to one one more Let them all get together! My residence has actually been constructed yet I am alone here The door banged behind my earlier An fall wind is knocking on the home window Crying over me anywhere again... This is Fate and I can't Ask anything of Fate! I just recognize exactly how the winds Will be wailing after I'm gonePrelude (Prelyudiya) Fulfillment of desires Inside the cracks of tall buildings The light of neon signs And of my memories Fulfillment of desires Inside the cracks of tall structures Wbelow it constantly snows I am a servant of my fateKarlsson In the city of Stockholm On a high roof In a very little room Wright here mice are scratching Wbelow cats are fighting And the wind is blowing There lived the unhappiest man in the civilization Karlschild couldn't fly But he wanted to end up being someone's frifinish He didn't have actually a penny to his name But he did his ideal to amuse the Kid He descfinished from the roof by rope In order to get to the Kid's cornice He had to hazard his life To make the Kid think he might fly That's just how it actually happened But the human being didn't desire to hear the fact Nobody cares about someone else's troubles That's why unhappy Karlssons thrive in numberOpera # 1 We always want even more than we have We constantly want more than we have And anguish grasps our hearts We stagger in an loss wind We are filled up with someone else's joy Inflamed by someone else's feasts Like sunshine on a glade We draw our heads nearer over the tables I'll take on you, tipsy choose separation And take you in my arms I won't share you, wild choose abusage Either through an foe or a friend It seldom happens to me favor this I will give you a bit of happiness You will swing like light in the home windows And moths will certainly rush in the direction of your lightThe Birthday Of My Death (Den' rozhdeniya moyei smerti) Today at daybreak I lost a shadow of my hope I entangled myself in the nets Being as well lazy to disentangle though And as if under the spell I forgained the order of days Is it my birthday now Or the day of my death? I am all alone in this world Only emptiness awaits me ahead Is it roof or a thin line Under my feet? I am practically God's equal I am higher than the king I will put my foot on the edge And say: "Hello, Earth!" And then at one stroke I will certainly fix all my troubles And in the end I will certainly sin By my imperishable ashes I understand that sooner or later Whether you think me or not It will certainly come anyway - The birthday of our fatality...Soul (Dusha) Can you watch the spirit smiling? My feet are hastening their pace As if I really had actually wings behind my ago But tbelow is no one chasing after me Look - my wet soul is drooped Although tbelow is no stick or knife over it The body's marble melted into soft wax And the computer system brain flew off to the devil Soul, wbelow is your place? I have a stitch in my appropriate side I stooped via bated breath Something damaged aget all of a sudden Blazed up, went out and also recorded fire aget A voice coming from far above A brand-new pain wright here wings have to be Faces of the stars are laved via downpours And I almost grasped the comet's tailBody (Telo) And the beat goes on...

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My body Gently melts Radiates light Relaxes My body Like a wind Blows dreams Relaxes My body Like a drop Fell down from the skies And broke whatever My body Flows dvery own the window-panes Studies love Relaxes Become my body In a casual way Become my body Become!Old Gramophone (Stariy grammofon) I cannot say a word I am sick at heart aacquire No one brings me letters The clock has struck loss I cannot say a word I am sick at heart aget Let the sadness as transparent background Melt in the sounds of gramophoneCircus (Tsirk) Everybody is laughing and also cheerful dwarfs Are blowing up balloons And petards explode like fireworks The circus arrived and everyone is smiling In this circus we are all spectators We are all beasts and also tamers Everything right here is far also familiar to us We feel at home in this circus Everypoint is straightforward below and incredibly mysterious And the clown burst into fits of laughter Because the gymnast had fallen dvery own He just wanted to turn a somersault for us We all gathered her not by chance And it's not a secret any kind of more That we are all clowns in this circus And the gymnast's legs are damaged We all flourished up in this circus And derived just one idea Everyone thinks around the very same - How to avoid turning into an elephant But they all want to end up being magicians And they shout and also wave their flags Although they are simple spectators Just terminal keepers and also nothing else Acrobats and also sword-swallowers Tightrope-walkers and snake-charmers Rope-walkers and also strong males Lilliputians and also stuntguys... Everything is relative in this circus And we laugh inexpressively Since everyone is worried Lest he have to continue to be by the side of the road