Chicago Fire Season 4 episode 20 Review: The last One because that Mom

He yes, really hit that off v Detective Holloway, and had she lived lengthy enough, ns think they can have been a solid couple. Severide currently loves she son, and also JJ loves that too. That"s fifty percent the battle. 

Severide is make of the the strongest stuff. Ns truly don"t know just how he retained it together all day without letting on the something was wrong, particularly after he discovered out she didn"t do it. 

Lucky because that him, JJ had a school project to keep him busy. Too negative he"ll most likely never even turn it in now that he"s most likely moving come California v his aunt. 

Will what taken place to his mom affect his decision to it is in a cop someday? who knows? possibly it will make him desire to seek it even more; like Mills v firefighting.

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We"ll most likely never see JJ again, but there"s a great chance Severide will save in touch with him, at least for awhile. 

Nelson: Al Nelson, I"m v the plank of Ethics. I"m here to talk about the bribe friend received.Casey: i didn"t realize the board of ethics would be involved.Nelson: No? do you know what the plank of principles does?

Casey might have been better off simply keeping the $10,000 after having actually to deal with this Nelson guy. Politics Consultant Susan came v for him, and also I get the emotion we"ll be see much an ext of her. 

Dawson doesn"t choose her, and their connection is already on shaky ground. Casey working with Susan is probably not walking to aid matters as much as his love life is concerned. 

But, he really does need aid with his politics life. He has actually no idea what he"s doing, and also apparently doesn"t know what the board of ethics does. He requirements a crash food in politics or a copy of "Politics because that Dummies" or something.

She may be putting ideas in his head of being a city council or mayor someday, however he is i do not have anything close come being ready for something choose that.

Chicago is a huge city. There"s more than one hospital. So, you would think that Jimmy and also Brett would have been directed to take their patient to one of those other hospitals, seeing together Chicago Med to be supposedly ~ above lockdown.

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That made no sense various other than to collection up the possibility for Brett to talk to Will, but then they should have mentioned the lockdown to be lifted. 

As suspected, Otis is quiet refusing to get the blood tests. I was glad Brett called him the end on acting choose a child. I get he"s scared, but it would make much more sense to start planning trips to las vegas after the receives a diagnosis. 

It"s probably not even cancer, however if the is, ns hope us don"t need to go v several much more episodes of that refusing therapy while the home tries to talk him into it. Illustration out gaining the tests is poor enough.

I could see both political parties of the Cruz storyline. 2 minutes have the right to make a substantial difference in a situation like that, but sometimes you need to do what your gut tells you. 

They have actually high-pressure jobs and have to make split-second decisions, and also it"s not favor we"ve never seen Severide make similar ones. Cruz acquired the save, and it all cleared up in the end. I liked Kidd"s pep talk. 

What go you males think the "The critical One because that Mom"? will certainly you miss Pouch? Dogs deserve to be very comforting when taking care of grief. JJ will certainly appreciate the gesture.