Chris Brown is one R&B singer with 7 albums and also an eighth one on the works, much more than a hundred singles, and 63 awards with 200 nominations. The is finest known because that songs choose “I deserve to Transform Ya”, “Run It!’, and also “With You” to surname a few.

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Chris Brown’s rise to Fame

Born on might 05, 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia, Brown had very early exposure to music thanks to the records his parental owned. He had a knack for dancing and also singing i m sorry he developed through practice and also talent shows. At some point he attractive the fist of a scout that was sent out by the manufacturing team Hitmission Records. Brown’s singing chops was intensified with the assist of a vocal coach and also the team additionally aided the in the development of his demo tape. One of these tapes came down on the desk of Tina Davis, the then-A&R vice president of record label Island Def Jam Recordings. Davis summoned Brown to new York because that an audition i beg your pardon he immediately got ~ an impressive performance.

Negotiations with the label continued until Davis shed her position. Upon learning of she dismissal, Brown referred to as Davis and she ended up being his manager. She spread his tapes come the other record labels until she chose that Jive documents was the ideal bet for Brown due to the label’s commendable dealing with of budding artists. Brown functioned on recording song and, out of the 50 he made, 14 were picked through Jive for his debut album. Chris Brown was released in 2005 and was commercially successful regardless of mixed reviews. 2 years later his second album Exclusive fared much better in the ears of critics and earned Brown numerous nominations from different awards.

Brown’s subsequent albums namely Graffiti (2009), F.A.M.E. (2011), and Fortune (2012) sold well despite failing come appease critics. The made a comeback in 2014 with X which amassed optimistic reviews, and his recent album royalty (2015) was met v ambivalence. Brown is currently working ~ above his following album Lost & found (Heartbreak ~ above A full Moon) with brand-new singles “Party” and “Grass Ain’t Greener”, although over there is no set release date yet.

Chris Brown’s exhilaration Career

Brown made his big screen debut in the 2007 drama film Stomp the Yard. He also appeared in a couple of episodes of television series The O.C. during the exact same year. Few of his other film appearances incorporate Into the Woods (2008), Takers (2010, he additionally served as executive producer), and Battle that the Year (2013).

Chris Brown’s organization Ventures

Brown owns his own clothing line called Black Pyramid plus 14 branches of renowned hamburger chain citizens King. In 2007 he developed the label chris Brown entertainment / culture Beyond Your evolution (CBE), and seven years later he launched his own modeling firm named legendary Faces. He at this time serves as an ambassador because that Philipp Plein, a high-end brand.

Last may 2016 Brown was approached through German apparel retailer Snipes for a style collaboration for your summer collection.

Chris Brown’s Romantic Life

Brown is popular for his previous relationship through singer Rihanna i m sorry started around 2008 and split in 2009 after the notorious attack issue. The two got earlier together in January 2013 and also finally parted means two month later. Brown was likewise linked to design Karrueche Tran and also singer Natalie Mejia.

In 2014 Brown welcomed his infant daughter royalty with previous girlfriend Nia Guzman. The 2 were locked in a court battle over aristocracy which finished in share custody. Brown is reportedly dating Krista Santiago but it is yet to be shown if they space really an item.

Chris Brown’s Snapchat – bpchrisbrown


Brown announced the creation of his Snapchat account via Tweeter ~ above July 27, 2016. Click right here to add him to her list of Snapchat celebrities.

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Chris Brown – various other Social Media Accounts

Chris Brown’s an individual Facebook Account – chrisbrown

Chris Brown’s Twitter Username – chrisbrown

Chris Brown’s Instagram Username – chrisbrownofficial

Chris Brown’s Kik Username or code – Brown doesn’t have actually a Kik account as of 2017. If he makes one we’ll upgrade this page so remain tuned. Be wary of accounts that usage his name together they room most probably posers or fanmade.