critical Updated: April 13, 2021

This is the bag friend grab when you should carry all of your camera gear, the Chrome Niko Camera Backpack. Take a peek at our hand-operated review for more info.


A significant camera backpack for when you’re ~ above the move and also need to lug a many gear.

This bag was produced photographers who room moving. The method it fits on her body and tightens under to your chest and lower back gives friend confidence girlfriend can carry everything friend need, every day long. The rectangle-shaped shape maximizes the packing an are and the quality of the products really stand out as soon as you acquire this bag in her hands.

Chrome took their years of making bags for world who live in the city, and also brought it to this camera bag.

Take that On Wheels: even if it is you’re ~ above a bike or skateboard, that is full-back lull protects all that you bring against your body without worry.

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Breathability: EVA foam back panel for method hours and hours of wear with comfort and also breathability.Tripod Ready: Keep her hands cost-free with side accessibility pockets because that tripods.Water-Resistant: High top quality protection; hard tarp external shell through soft tricot liner come fight back against nasty weather.

What the Fits

This bag fits everything. It has three main compartments.

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The top, padded pocket fits your key camera. We were able come fit Canon 5D note 4 v a 70-200mm attached. The front pocket is also padded and fits a tablet or 13” laptop, yes only a 13”. The ago of the bag unzips and also includes a configurable body with removable velcro dividers. You deserve to configure this main body anyway you favor from five tiny compartments come one large compartment. It’s large enough come fit lot of cameras, lenses, or a Mavic drone.

If girlfriend are in search of the extras...the bag flaps have zipper pouches on the inside, the next of the bag has two buckle straps to organize tripods, and also the front of the bag has zippers to organize a board.

If you are trying to find capacity and modularity, this bag will be your brand-new photo friend.