Before this song, Jean-Michael tries to offer Gabrielle a book about the various types of governments approximately the world. Mam forbids Gabrielle from acquisition it, so Jean-Michael… check out More 

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I’m together mild and as meek together a mouseWhen ns hear a command i obeyBut I understand of a point out in mine houseWhere no one deserve to stand in my wayIn my own small cornerIn mine own small chairI deserve to be every little thing I want to beOn the soup of my fancyI deserve to fly anywhereAnd the civilization will open up its eight to meI’m a young Norwegian princess or a milkmaidI’m the best prima donna in MilanI’m an heiress that has constantly had she silk madeBy her very own flock the silkworms in Japan!I’m a girl males go foolish for, love’s a video game I can playWith a cool and also confident sort of airJust as lengthy as ns stayIn my own tiny cornerAll aloneIn mine ownLittle chair
I have the right to be whatever I desire to beI’m a thief in CalcuttaI’m a queen in PeruI’m a mermaid dancing top top the seaI’m a huntress ~ above an african safari –It’s a dangerous type of sport and yet it’s funIn the night ns sally soon to seek my quarryAnd I discover I forgot to carry my gun!I am shed in the jungleAll alone and unarmedWhen I satisfy a lioness in her lair!Then i’m glad to it is in backIn mine own tiny cornerAll aloneIn my ownLittle chair
Before this song, Jean-Michael tries to offer Gabrielle a book about the various varieties of governments roughly the world. Madame forbids Gabrielle from acquisition it, so Jean-Michael provides it come Ella instead, commenting on just how she has no usage for it, yet might read it anyway.

In the song, when Ella list the various areas she’d go and also people she’d be, she is analysis the book, and also using the information to broaden her imagination.

(that book likewise turns right into a major plot point in the show)


In my Own small Corner (Reprise) by The Original Broadway actors of Cinderella (Ft. Laura Osnes & Victoria Clark) & The quest by The Original Broadway cast of Cinderella (Ft. Phumzile Sojola & Santino Fontana)
My Own small Corner (Reprise) by Julie Andrews & Edith Adams & In my Own small Corner by Julie Andrews

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