The Cintiq Companion Hybrid is a 13.3" mobile an innovative tablet it is provided by Android 4.2, with full HD resolution and also"s patented pen technology.

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Cintiq Companion Hybrid features and benefits

Android 4.2 tablet combined v"s pen modern technology delivers a comfortable, versatile equipment 13.3" LCD with complete HD resolution and broad viewing angle for terrific quality once viewed from any angle Mobility offers freedom to job-related anywhere and the high performance processor delivers every the power important to work successfully combination of"s pen performance and also multi-touch offers smooth workflow advantages Hybrid use permits the Cintiq Companion Hybrid to run as a mobile tablet computer when top top the go, and as a pen display screen when at home or work

Our Cintiq Companion Hybrid is a flexible 13.3" mobile an imaginative tablet with complete HD resolution. It"s suitable solution for company and an innovative professionals who wish to work remotely. This an equipment can also be linked to a PC and used as a pen display. That is cordless, battery-free pen it is provided 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity for precise control and also natural feel. Multi-touch support common and also custom gestures because that easy control of navigation and also operations.




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Cintiq Companion hybrid
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