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Do you feel torn in between buying a Cintiq pen display and conserving money or space?

Spending hrs shopping roughly for the best-suited tablet for your requirements really sucks when you have amazing arts to make.

If you’re looking for a reputable happy medium that feels natural to attract on, there is no wrecking her finances, I may have uncovered what friend seek.

In this Wacom Cintiq 13hd evaluation I will aid you find out if this is the graphics tablet that’s just right because that your artistic needs.

Things come Consider prior to Buying A Pen display screen Tablet



Here’s what girlfriend will acquire when friend buy the Cintiq 13HD:

Cintiq 13HD an imaginative pen displayAdjustable standPen Case, through a agree Pen, pen stand, 9 instead of nibs, and also a nib removed toolWacom 3-in-1 cable through USB, HDMI, and also Power connectionAC strength supplyInstallation CD and Cintiq 13hd driversQuick begin guide

Cintiq 13HD Features and also Benefits

A Portable Build


Image Source: Wacom

Weighing in at about 2.6 lbs, the graphics tablet computer is light without feeling prefer a cheap toy, ns love this since I like an altering postures and also drawing on mine lap or was standing up. This light weight makes it perfect if you prefer to hold your tablet computer up while girlfriend draw.

An active area the 11.75 x 6.75 customs is equal to a tool size sketchbook, huge enough to attract freely but tiny enough to carry along. If you’re offered to bigger drawing areas, using among the four express keys or one of the directional keys of the rocker ring to zoom in and also out will aid you acquire comfortable with the size.

The Cintiq 13hd mount systems isn’t together robust and also flexible together the usual Wacom stand. The locks into three separate, resolved angle settings, and won’t save your tablet totally upright.

There’s no VESA mount link either. This is all a rather fair trade-off for a lighter tablet computer that fits in a tiny case.

Beside the carrying situation sold by Wacom, there room some an excellent third party Cintiq 13hd situation options. The Bag of holding is a famous choice, sturdy v enough room and departments to organize and bring all your graphics tablet accessories wherever you go.

With a digital tablet computer this light, I can go virtually anywhere come draw. It’s no the most convenient for drawing on a crowded bus, but it’s perfect because that bringing and also drawing in cafés or on her lunch at the office.

A quality Screen


Image Source: Youtube

The display screen has an HD resolution that 1,920 x 1,080p and also 165 pixels every inch, which is a large step front from the low-resolution 1,280 x 800p of the Cintiq 12WX.

I’m rather pleased v the contrast and also general shade quality. Through its 700:1 contrast, 250nits brightness, and also 16.7 million colors, the 13hd offers vivid colors even through that is matte coating.

The matte display screen reduces glare and gives a more resistant feeling once you draw, comparable to paper. The does dull the color a bit, but if you favor neutral colour the matte screen is even far better for you. If friend like excessive saturation or complete grayscale it might not it is in the right choice though.

However, the an easy Cintiq 13hd driver provides you many choices to configure the colors to your liking. If you feel constrained by dimness or oversaturation, you can break complimentary with a couple of simple tweaks that the Cintiq 13hd driver settings.

Since I have a tough time sit still once inspired, I appreciate the 178° expectancy of the town hall angles and also low parallax, letting me see plainly without shade distortion or cursor misplacement at practically every angle.

A Clever Pen

Image Source:Wacom

The pro Pen the comes with the Cintiq 13hd is ergonomic and also fun come use.

It’s gained 2,048 level of press sensitivity in both ends. This pen sensitivity add to the paper-like feel of the nib versus the matte coating provides it feel fairly “real” and also fun to use.

Three buttons top top the pen rate up my workflow quite a bit, enabling for quick an altering of size and also such.

All the this provides it very easy to use, especially if you set the eraser come a different painting tool prefer I usually do.

As expected, the pen is battery-free and also compatible through several other Wacom tablets.Its ergonomic design with a flared soft-touch rubber grip makes it comfortable to work-related for long hrs without the anxiety I’m offered to once working with much easier styluses.

I like exactly how it comes with a neat little case for the pen and also nibs, designed come fit in your pocket or tablet case for simpler portability and a an ext organized case.

A versatile 3 in 1 Cable

Image Source:Wacom

Do you choose tangled cords in your carrying case, or the small portability bottleneck of setup up cords? Me neither, it is why I choose the Cintiq 3 in 1 cable.

I’ve been struck through the advice to attract on a lengthy commute countless times, yet given up because of the hassle compelled to even get started.

Since wireless link is unfortunately not yet a viable choice for this kind of digital tablet, Wacom handle this issue with a clever 3 in 1 cable that handles all video and power through one slot.

The cable splits into separate USB, HDMI, and power connections in one end. The other end is one simple plug for the tablet.

It’s practical but maybe a little short, and also it can acquire knocked out quite easily. So, it’s not an extremely ADHD-friendly, yet a bit of ice will fix that. Likewise note the you will require an adapter if your computer system only has actually USB displayport or mini-displayport/thunderbolt sockets rather of HDMI.

The Cintiq 13hd comes through its own power supply in situation your unplugged laptop can’t satiate its electronic hunger. Or if all you’re a tech fanboy and your sockets space all occupied. Ns really like just how the plug confront can be swapped because that different country outlets, since I travel a lot.

Other User’s endure With The Cintiq 13HD

Image Source: Dell

I see this graphics tablet computer as a powerful drawing tool mainly for artists on the move. Artistry is as spatu as it it s okay though, and I don’t desire to overlook what might stand out to others.

Because I prefer to think the myself as an open-minded and reasonably unbiased person (in my no so humble opinion), i looked roughly to view what other artists think once writing this Wacom Cintiq 13hd review.

Here’s what lock say:

Talking about the tablet computer now, I have the right to say that it feeling great. Pressure is awesome. It feels choose the large Cintiq, and also I prefer it a lot.

– ReiQ (Youtube Artist)

The point that really offered it because that me to be the colors. The colour are considerably improved native the 12wx, which is, because that an artist favor me, and also a graphic designer, that is the most useful feature to be able to see colors the means they would certainly really look.

– Fin(Artist & Founder the SkyFin Media)

I have the right to do an accurate work with this. I deserve to do outlines, beautiful outlines. I have the right to paint well. Everything’s just an ext precise. I’m yes, really happy with this product.

– Rocket Pen(Youtube Artist)

Comparison To other Cintiq Tablets

Before friend buy a Cintiq 13hd, consider the complying with alternatives.

Cintiq 13HD vs 13HD Touch

Image Source: Wacom

If friend really desire touch functionality and the faster way gestures that come with it, the Cintiq 13hd Touch reintroduces this acquainted signature function to the Cintiq 13 line.

Updated version: The Cintiq 13hd Touch is one upgraded version that come later and has a few differences. Nothing that stands out as well much, other than the Touch function.Special gestures: Zooming, rotating, changing brush size, and also opening menus with a basic flick that my fingers is a good workflow booster.

This is an awesome choose for hopeless pen droppers and also gesture faster way fans. If you obtain annoyed by inadvertently touch reactions (or smudging once writing top top paper,) you’ll want a drawing tablet computer artist’s glove, or the Cintiq 13hd there is no touch.

Buy The Cintiq 13HD Touch Today

Cintiq 13HD vs 22HD

Source: Wacom

The 13hd is pretty lot a lessened version the the 22hd, sort of like the miniature Schnauzer that tablets. Artists with more space and also money and also less need for portability should examine it out.

Bigger illustration Area: If you choose drawing huge stuff and don’t prefer zooming, this is your type of tablet. There’s an ext room because that panels and references.More Powerful: illustration area isn’t the just the Cintiq 13 sacrifices for a an ext manageable size, over-all performance is a bit far better on the 22hd.Not Portable: This is a full-size display tablet and not meant for usage on the go.

The Cintiq 22HD is an ext expensive, however if you have actually the money to spare and also don’t need portability it’s the superior selection for you. Read our full Wacom Cintiq 22hd review.

Buy The Cintiq 22HD Today


Cintiq 27QHD is the powerhouse of the Cintiq family members and, in regards to purpose, the a different machine than the 13hd altogether. This is because that those who draw professionally or aspire to be the brand-new Rembrandt.

Higher high quality display: If you’re a shade snob, this brighter screen with 97% NTSC shade gamut is ideal up your alley. And you have the right to feel the faster response rate the 12ms.Huge illustration area: with this behemoth you’ll have plenty of space for facility work, even with lot of reference photos and advanced menus on screen.Massive: friend can’t usage this on your lap or carry it anywhere, it requirements a designated desk.

The Cintiq 27qhd is no for everyone, that a an elaborate specialty product for an extremely serious artists and professionals.

Buy The Cintiq 27QHD Today

Source: Artisul

Cintiq 13hd vs Artisul D13: i beg your pardon one is better?

Quite the doppelganger. Artisul D13 is a lightweight, simplistic pen display,with a battery-free pen through 2048 pressure levels. It even looks choose a Cintiq.

This have the right to make a good Cintiq 13hd alternative for hobbyists who want something cheap.

Less Pricey: If you’re searching for a budget plan option, you’ve discovered it. Save in mind the it come without a stand, and also has fewer features.Less portable: The cord equipment is nowhere close to as elegant as the Cintiq, it’s fairly messy. The design and stand aren’t rather as travel friendly either.

In summary, this copycat is a an excellent choice if she on a tight budget. However don’t mean Cintiq level performance.

Buy The Artisul D13 Today

Image FromMicrosoft

This ultra-portable laptop through Microsoft is an exciting candidate if you choose to attract while traveling. The price and also screen resolution are roughly equal to the 13hd, so it’s all around other preferences.

Cintiq 13hd vs surface ar Pro: what space the key differences? The surface ar Pro is a standalone home windows device, no relationships needed. The keyboard makes that an interesting hybrid.

More portable: If you draw everywhere friend go, you will do it love the truth that this device doesn’t need any connections, other than power when the battery is empty.Keyboard: For key-board power users and writers like me, the key-board is a great feature.Less precise: With half the levels of push sensitivity and so-so precision, you’ll definitely feel the this is a multi-purpose maker and no the finest for significant artwork.

If you’re all around portability and also efficiency, this consolidated systems is precious considering.

Buy The surface ar Pro Today

Image Source:Apple

Cintiq 13hd vs iPad Pro: what need to you use? Apple’s brand-new tablet makes a pretty great tool for designs, artwork, and video editing. Having actually this built into the same an equipment you carry about for quite much whatever else feels very practical.

If you like illustration on the bus or in the woods, the iPad agree won’t organize you back.

More portable: The iPad pro is lighter than the 13hd and also needs no computer or cord.Stronger screen: The iPad monitor is a close enhance to the 27qhd, and also has no matte finish. Perfect if friend need an excellent color quality.Simple stylus: The lack of buttons, float sensitivity, and calibration options, drawing on the iPad has a more primitive feeling to it.

If you’re a hobbyist looking for something to sketch on, the iPad agree is something come look into.

Buy The iPad agree Today

Our Conclusion

It’s no fun having actually to choose in between an affordable, portable tablet computer and one that in reality does what you desire it to do.

If you no able come buy multiple tablets however need a balanced option that feels realistic, the Cintiq 13hd interactive pen display is a worthy contestant for your time and money. It’s therefore nice to have the ability to just lug a an effective tablet everywhere, without breaking the bank.

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Since you’ve check out this Wacom Cintiq 13hd testimonial all the method to the bottom, you’re probably thinking it’s a great choice for you.