When the new York Mets moved from their longtime home at Shea stadium to a brand-new stadium just a baseball’s throw away, in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, some fans were skeptical. Shea wasn’t perfect, but it to be home. Would the new ballpark—named not for the team or a famous player, but a bank—live as much as the hype?

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But fans needn’t have actually worried. Citi Field, which organized its first game (against the san Diego Padres) on April 13, 2009, is in makatifund.org means an upgrade over the Mets’ an initial home. It’s much more modern, through plenty of fantastic food and drink options—who doesn’t love shiver Shack?—and it’s likewise a terrific place to watch a baseball game. (Or a concert—it’s organized Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, and also Beyoncé end the past few years.)

Thinking of coming to be a pan or convert allegiances? The more the merrier. To gain you started, here’s what you need to know around Citi Field—consider this her cheatsheet to the ballpark, even if it is you’re a newbie or a constant visitor.

Names come know

Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire via Getty pictures
The Mets mascot is the beloved, bobble-headed Mr. Met, who an initial appeared in 1964; if you’re lucky, you could see his wife, Mrs. Met, throughout a game. Koo name-checks the Skatifund.org broadcasting trio the Gary Cohen and Mets legends Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling together “among the ideal in the game.” If you want to shot and seize an autograph or a selfie v the legend Amazins, head come the Foxwoods Club. “When left fielder Yoenis Cespedes access time a home run, you’ll know right away,” says Koo. “Few things are an ext majestic 보다 watching a Cespedes homer enter orbit.”

Hot tip!

“If she visiting Citi field for the an initial time, or also if she not, arrive as close to when entrances open as you can. That’ll offer you plenty of time to take a lap that the ballpark’s ar level, i m sorry is a great way to take it every in. And also if did you do it heard about Citi Field’s good food, you’ll pass by all of the best choices while acquisition that lap. Since you’ve arrived fine before an initial pitch, you obtain to have actually your Shackburger and eat it, too.” Chris McShane, editor, Amazin’ Avenue

Getting there

The best and easiest way to gain to Citi field is to take the 7 train to the second-to-last avoid in Queens; you can’t miss out on it, since it’s called Mets-Willets Point. (It was Willets Point–Shea Stadium till 2009.) when you get off the train, all you have to do is monitor the signs—and the roar that the crowd—to the ballpark. The subway station is accessible for those in wheelchairs.

Other publicly transportation choices include the MTA bus—the Q48 runs along Roosevelt Avenue alongside the stadium—and the long Island Rail Road, i beg your pardon runs follow me the port Washington heat from Penn station to the Mets-Willets point station. Over there are likewise 10 bike racks, though gaining to Flushing top top a bike from akatifund.orgwhere but Queens would be rather a schlep.

You can drive (or take it a cab, or other ride-hailing company like Uber or Lyft), however it i will not ~ be as easy or rapid as public transportation. Parking is additionally a factor, at the very least if you firmly insist on driving; over there are numerous lots, and also it’ll run you $25 to snag a spot.


Where come sit

Some seat at Citi ar are, the course, more expensive than others; prices because that single-game tickets selection from $15 because that the Promenade Outfield section (i.e., the nosebleed seats) to over $500 or higher for premium seats, depending on the game. (Want to watch a distinct game, choose the Subway collection in June? Be prepared to pokatifund.org up also more.)

But pricier doesn’t always mean better; depending upon what you after, you might want to be far from the field or up in the nosebleeds (and hey, the view is in reality pretty good at the Promenade Infield level).

Families will want to snag seats close to the an excellent Humor fan Fest, which has a tikatifund.org baseball diamond for kids, a dunk tank, and—the best part—the sometimes appearance by Mr. Met. It’s closest to section 140 ~ above the ar level, however you’ll be adjacent in part 141 and 142 together well.

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3 songs you must recognize at Citi Field

“Meet the Mets”: Duh.

“Let’s go Mets”: It’s no as iconic as “Meet the Mets,” yet this oh-so-’80s jam—produced throughout the team banner 1986 season—is tho beloved by fans.

“Lazy Mary” by Lou Monte: This classic Italian song—or, at least, the kitschy 1958 version taped by Lou Monte—plays ~ “Take Me the end to the ball Game” during the seventh-inning stretch.

Koo’s favourite spot: “The Coca-Cola Corner, located in right field, functions couches and cornhole,” that notes. “There’s also a substantial glove creation and a big Coca-Cola-themed seater that make for good group photos. Seats there cave over ideal field, giving a unique vantage point.”

For fans of the opposite teams, part 121-124 on the field level space your best bet—they’re behind the visiting club’s dugout, near 3rd base. The Mets dugout is ~ above the other side the the field, near very first base.

Every therefore often, the Mets relax standing-room-only tickets, which let fans into the stadion without a dedicated seat. If you’re not wedded to sit in one place, it’s in reality a pretty an excellent deal—there are plenty of locations to was standing (notably near all of the food merchants in ar 140) and also lots to check out as friend wander v the ballpark.